This is a contemporary approach to Judaism that makes sense. 

It is over thirty (30) years in the making. 

Experience the ways it can positively benefit your life!


Our Team - Our team of dedicated individuals comes from a wide array of backgrounds and specializations. 

Bruce David - Bruce David , President of Light of the Nations, has dedicated the past 30+ years of his life to creating creative, engaging, Jewish educational resources that provide people with the opportunity to discover and experience the contemporary values of a "Wholistic" approach to Judaism.

Orin Reynolds - LOTN Music - Art/music/soul fusion - Orin Reynolds combines his wonderful Jewish heart with distinctive engaging sound blending soul, folk, pop, hip hop and rock vibes, with his funky acoustic guitar and dynamic voicings.

References - Prominent Jewish Rabbis and educators have written very special letters relating to our efforts.We thought you might like to see a few of these as a way of understanding why we are so passionate about what we are doing.

Awards -The Kelley School of Business, one of the top Business Schools in the country, had its Consulting Projects Award Dinner and Light of the Nations was a winner! 

Published - McGraw- Hill Publishers and Hallmark are among the main companies who have published the art used in our programs.   

Philosophy - All you need to know about who we are, what we are about and what we are trying to accomplish!

Art/Music/Video Contributors:


              All videos and art by Bruce David, except as noted.


             Animations and Ritual Objects computer game by Taylor Bryant and Bruce David

                           Jonah's Journey of Discovery and Visions of Hope animations


               All songs written and composed by Bruce David, with the assistance of the Orchestrator, Orin Reynolds, who is Light of the Nations lead singer/musician and musical director. 

                              See more about Orin on the LOTN Music page.  


              Yihiyu Video - Art by the incredibly talented, Jackie Olenick. Check out more of her art at


      Songs done with the assistance of Max Jared Einsohn and friends (see below) include: Jonah Slam, Visions of Hope,  Shalom Rav (uptempo), Light of the Nations song, Modeh and Oseh Shalom (Meditative). See more about Max on the LOTN Music page.  


            Music for "Windows of the Soul" was performed by Hooshir,  a two time national award winning A Capella singing group from I.U. Hillel


Assisting Max on his recordings were: 

Music Recorded at Wildwood Tofu Bar Studios, Richardson TX

    Max Jared Einsohn - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Beat Box, and Percussion

     Julie Bonk - Piano - Julie is a master of Jazz and Blues styles, and has performed and taught countless       

     notables, including nine time Grammy Award Winner Norah Jones.

     Tom Prasada Rao is a premier producer with notable awards spanning his 20+ year career. 

     Dan Lee  Producer, and six string bass master,  is currently working on projects for  several artists. 


   Music Recorded in Israel at Little Apple Studios 

    Max Jared Einsohn songwriter, lead vocals, guitar, cajon,

     Yerachmiel Ziegler - Engineer, vocal harmonies, lead guitar 

     Micah Hendler- vocal harmonies , percussion

     Yonatan Fialka- bass guitar 

     Shachar Kahati - drumset