Birchas Hamazon   

Prayer of thanks for our food and blessings


Bless You God, Creator and Sustainer

of the universe, Who in love and mercy

provides for all our needs. Through

Your endless love, You provide

food and nourishment for all life.

Bless You God, Who feeds and provides

for us in all the best ways.


Thank You God for giving us the good land of Israel

and for our own land and homes.

Thank You for bringing us from

slavery and darkness to freedom and light.

Thank You for Your Torah and covenants,

 and for all the wonderful ways You nourish,

sustain and provide for us at all times and seasons.


For all Your gifts, we thank and bless You.

May all of life soon join together in thanks for all You do. 

As it says in the Torah, “You will eat, and be satisfied, and then you will thank God for the good land given to you.”

Bless You and thank You, God, for the good land and for the food.


Please dear God, restore Your presence that all may know You, love You, and follow You with a whole heart.

May we, and all our loved ones share for good in this time of Your ultimate peace, and may it be soon, according to Your will.

In all times, please bless us to feel Your presence and know Your mercy, love, and peace.

Throughout our life journeys, may You guide us safely on our paths and continuously provide for all our needs.


On Shabbat, add the following paragraph:


O God, help us to grow spiritually healthy

through the fulfillment of Your commandments.

May the mitzvah of observing Shabbat help to

make us whole.  May we properly celebrate this

special time of rest, renewal, and connecting

with that which is holy. With a whole heart may

we offer our thanks for this wondrous time

with which You have blessed us. On this day

of rest and reflection, please keep us from any

problems or troubles that will take us away from

the closeness we seek with You. May all soon

share and rejoice in the wonder of this blessed

time and in the wealth of the knowledge of You.


May You soon reveal Your Divine presence that all may know You and share in Your glory.

If it be Your will, may this time occur soon in our lives and during the lives of all our loved ones.

Bless You God, Who in Your mercy will bring peace to Jerusalem, to Israel and to Your whole World.


May You, O wondrous God, bless all our families, friends and us, together with Israel and all the good life, with a perfect blessing.


On Shabbat, add:

O merciful God, may we, and all our loved ones, share in Your crowning Shabbat during the ultimate time of peace.


May You, the One Who creates peace

in Your Holy space,

make peace for us,

for all our families and friends,

for Israel, and for all the good life,

and let us say, Amen.