Hallel - Excerpts

A collection of psalms originally sung by the priests in the Holy Temple. The following includes a condensed, alternative translation of Psalms 115 through 118.


O God, help all to know You, that none will question Your existence. 

Teach all nations to recognize Your presence as a living entity,

concerned with the well being of Your universe.

Help all people to comprehend that, unlike idols and false gods,

You are personally involved with the under-current of life,

guiding creation towards its ultimate destiny.


Through Your direction, and with Your assistance,

all souls advance on  their dimensional journey

through the portals of time.

In You, all the world’s communities join as one.


Thank You God for remembering Your  

relationship with Your people, Israel.

Thank You for blessing us in so many

special  and wonderful ways.


Through our understanding of You,

we are able to find meaning

and purpose in our existence.


How truly blessed we are that the

Creator, and Lifebreath of the universe,

cares for us enough to be personally

involved with our journey through life.


As long as we live and possess an

awareness of You, we will join with

all souls who sing songs of thanks to You.



In times of trouble and distress we turn to You, our merciful God, for assistance.

Although we do not always perceive or understand Your response, we know that You do hear us.

When we approach You sincerely and with an honest heart, we accept that, when the  time is right,

You will answer our prayers.


Thank You so much for all the times You have been there to help us on our journey.

We know that there is really no way to properly thank You for all You do,

other than to use our lives for good,

and to teach others about Your great love.


May Your light always shine through, 

serving as a beacon for those, who like us,

too often stumble around in the darkness.


May Your love radiate like golden rays of sunshine,

with the steadiness of an all day rain,

providing gentle warmth to wash away life’s pains.


Sing songs of thanks to God, peoples of the earth.

Bless the Creator of all that lives for our precious gift of life.

As we rejoice in the blessings that  sustain us every day,

remember to thank the Source.



Give thanks to God Whose love is eternal!

Let all Israel affirm that God’s love is everlasting.

May the descendants of those who witnessed the miracles

of the Exodus verify God’s unending love.

Let all who recognize truth joyfully proclaim that the love of the most high God will endure forever.


When confronted with difficulties, I turned to God                                             

and found comfort in the presence of the Holy One.

By making a connection with the Sovereign of the universe,

my fears were greatly diminished.


Knowledge of God provides shelter from the chaos

and turmoil inflicted by the forces of darkness.

Basking in God’s universal light calms the tormented soul

and bridges the canyons of static and confusion

that separate us from our life essence, our spiritual selves.


We thank You God for answering and saving us.

The eternal LifeStone, rejected by the blind,

egotistical builders, is now recognized as the cornerstone for life’s foundation.

It is wonderful that You allowed Your truth to be revealed.

Thank You for giving us this day to rejoice and celebrate.


Whenever we call, God, please hear and save us.

When we turn to You, please answer and help us.                     

Help us to be worthy in Your eyes, our Deliverer.

Make our life journey successful, O God, our Savior.


May all who come to the Chey ha’olamim,

the Life of all Worlds, share in the considerable blessings

of the One Whose abundant gifts are equally available to all.


May the blessing of Shechinah (God’s holy presence)

fill the souls with enlightenment,

and the hearts with love

of those who sincerely desire to share in the Oneness of the Source of wholeness and peace.


You are our God.

We thank You, and proclaim Your greatness.

Give thanks to God, the Source of unending love.


May all of creation soon acknowledge Your existence.


Let all that lives soon recognize You as the Power Source

that charges and recharges our life essence.


May the families of Israel

join with the communities of the world

to sing in harmony of Your greatness.


May all of life soon rejoice in You, Your glory,

Your majesty, and Your peace. Bless You God!


Give thanks to God for all good things; God’s love endures forever.

Give thanks to life’s Supreme Entity, Whose love is everlasting.


(After reading each of the following statements, some respond: “God’s love is forever!”)


Give thanks to:

   the One God Who continuously performs great miracles;

   the Creator and Fashioner of the celestial heights;

   the Architect Who laid the groundwork for our world;

   the Power Who established and instituted the foundations of an evolving universe;

   the Entity Who fashioned a complex system of life

      capable of supporting the many dimensions of existence;

   the Source of our existence, from Whom life,

      consciousness and awareness emanate;

   the Artist Who painted and sculpted the pattern of life

      allowing the seasons of nature to interact in harmony;

   the Developer Who shaped the intricate network of our

      human makeup to function as a complete unit;

   the Author and Teacher Whose instructions for life are set forth in the Torah;

   the Gardener Who sowed the seeds of a future where all

      creation will flower and bloom together in love’s garden;

   the Caring Deity Who established a personal relationship with the Jewish people;

   the God of action and influence Whose miracles convinced the Egyptians to free our people;

   the Redeemer Who was the catalyst  for saving our ancestors;

   the Mainspring behind our continued existence as a people;

   the Nourisher and Sustainer Who provides for our needs;

   the Intelligence that formulated and gave rise to such a 

      unique system of life and growth .    

   Give thanks to the Life of all Worlds,

   God’s love endures forever.


We bless You God, with our most sincere blessing, thanks, gratitude and appreciation for all You do for us.

Please bless us  with what we need to do right, and find favor with You and with all Your wonderful love, life, blessings, gifts and miracles always. We need You!  We love You!  Thanks for loving us! Bless You God!