Ahava Rabah

Your love for us is beyond our limits of understanding, Adonai,

Your caring and compassion continuously bless our lives.

Just as You helped our ancestors with their growth,

please also guide us on our journey and instruct us in Your ways.

Open our hearts and minds to be receptive to Your teachings,

help us to find and follow Your path to wholeness.

Unify our souls to join together with all who seek You in love,

to touch on our inner connection with the Essence of all life.

The knowledge of Your existence gives meaning and purpose to our lives.

In recognizing the magnitude of Your greatness our hearts rejoice in song.

Please bring us close to You that we may feel Your presence in our midst,

that we may share in the joy and tranquility of Your Divine embrace.

Fulfill the destiny of our unique heritage that all life might soon share Your gifts in peace,

that all might join together as one heart in their love for You and each other.

Bless You God, for all the wonderful ways You let Your light shine into the world.

Bless You God for Your precious gift of love.

Baruch Atah Adonai, habochar b’amo Yisrael b’ahavah

Blessed are You Beloved One, who chooses Your people Israel with love.