Barchu Dear One Meditation

(Do “VERY” slowly as part of meditation/movement.Many online sources show videos of this prayer and its movements)

When it comes to prayers, their main purpose is to connect us to the Source of Life. When it comes to attaining the Holy Space of Love, you are either “in” or you are “out.” The “Barchu Dear One” tries to help us achieve this loving, sacred space by recognizing, acknowledging and connecting with the Wonder of It all. When shared properly, it helps us to gather our thoughts and energies, and to center ourselves and focus our kavannah through the prayer’s corridor into the holy space where the highest manifestation of our being resides. 

I have written this meditation to go along with the “Barchu, Dear One” Prayer, written by Lev Friedman, as a means for enhancing our efforts towards our goal. We will start with a very slow Barchu Dear One, taking breaths, between each phrase. Some of us have been doing this with movement; so feel free to participate in whatever type movement you are comfortable with, as long as it increases the connection with your soul. After the first two time going through the prayer, I will provide a short meditation, by going through the individual verses while providing insights designed to benefit the journey of our spiritual being.  Afterwards we will do the prayer again together, and then one more time silently to ourselves, leading to quiet mediation, before finishing with the end of the song together.                                  

Barchu Dear One

Barchu  … “Blessed” is the LifeSource, the Influence and Creativity energizing the living masterpiece of our existence. (“Blessed” is the One whose Essence and Energy plants, nourishes, grows and fashions our incredible physical reality within this sacred “life” space. Barchu  … “Blessed”… is the LifeSource.)

Dear One… Conveying the awe-inspiring feeling that comes from attaining intimacy with the centering Heart of love from beyond. (Lovingly coming together with other enlightened manifestations of life to share in the inner joy of being connected to the Essence of Existence. And in such a “touching” way. Dear One!)

Shechinah … Shechinah everywhere. (The unparalleled openness of sanctified energy that saturates our life essence and existence.)  The Holy space of love everlasting, connecting us to each other and the perpetual phenomenon of “Whatever It Is That Is!” Shechinah … everywhere.

Holy Name … Beyond words. Unpronounceable! No way we can do justice to addressing the overwhelming awesomeness of the Force Beyond, the core Essence directing this happening process of existence. Beyond words … Holy Name.

When I call … When my heart opens up at the same time that my life/energy is focusing my Kavannah on being lovingly connected with the wonder of It all.

on the light … On the dazzling expression of our most brilliant life essence.

of my soul … Our holy sacred heart/space of love.

I come home … I lovingly return to the womb of new birth realization, a revitalized entity of life/energy evermore.

When I call on the light of my soul I come home. Come on home!

(Lead into very slow “Barchu, Dear One!”)