In Our Heart of Hearts 

(Intro to David's "Whispers of Hope" book- See "Programs"/"Book")

Words, whether written, or spoken with all the feelings we can muster, will never be enough.

It would be like someone trying to catch the ocean in a water glass.

How can one capture even a single wave so as to share it with others, much less the experience of riding one?

Can one write about the explosiveness of swirling, conflicting emotions in a way that will help others perceive the intensity of their pounding heart?

Will speaking of the overwhelming awesomeness of this life, cascading against them on all sides, be enough, if they haven’t felt the helplessness of being tumbled mercilessly over and over?

Without knowing the desperate struggle to maintain their balance, to survive, to somehow find the inner strength to rise to the surface with the weight of a world crashing over them, any attempt to realistically convey such a phenomenon is bound to be insufficient.

If they haven’t given themselves over to the rushing of life’s current, known the exultation of being one with the Source, shared in the thrill of this ride of rides, it can never be enough.

Only one who has ridden such a wave, who has experienced all this, can even begin to relate to where we are now.

Only one who has felt responsibility for other life forms, can share in the wonder we are feeling now. Even then, their wave is not ours.

Yet, somehow we must find a way to let you know just how special you are to us.

Our feelings must travel a path that will lead from our hearts, through a complex maze of twisting emotional caverns.

They will have to bypass narrow tunnels limited by inexpressible feelings and personal rationalizations.

While finding a way to cross the rivers of our excuses, they must avoid the undercurrents of apologies for our human shortcomings.

If, and when, they eventually reach the surface, you must know that they will only be one small remaining fragment of all they were intended to be.

Yet, even so, this must be enough to communicate a love so encompassing, as to touch your own heart; and to do so in such a way, that you will connect to its completeness in your soul.

Only then will you know, that we are together, forever.


Heart of Hearts! To me, Judaism is a conduit for reaching the universal core of our “heart of hearts.” It channels us to the soul connecting place of love, the universal space that binds us to each other and all life.  It is one of life’s greatest blessings, a spiritual path to guide us towards increasing our conscious awareness in healthy, loving, life growth ways.

True, Judaism is an ever changing conglomerate of perspectives, some of which are scientifically challenging, others which are extremely negative and difficult to relate too, but when approached “Wholistically,” as we do at Light of the Nations, it is there to assist us in advancing on our life growth path, while encouraging us to celebrate our precious life gift.  It guides us towards joining together with others in tending to the needs of the other life forms that share our one-of-a-kind garden world!