Every soul will bless You,

and the essence of all life

will sing of Your glory.


You are the everlasting God,

Who continuously provides for us

in so many wonderful ways.


There is none but You,

the Source of life’s blessings.


In kindness, You tend to the needs

of all that You have created.


In love, You guide the world.


With mercy, You save Your people.


You alone are the supreme life force,

and to You we offer thanks.


On one level, we understand

that there are not enough words

for us to properly thank You.


Even if we prayed constantly,

we still would not be able to express

our gratitude sufficiently.


Realistically, we know that there is

just no any way for us to let You

know how much we truly

appreciate all that You do.


Yet, we must try because we do

want You to know that we are

aware of how greatly You have

blessed us, much more than

we can ever comprehend.


It is You Who gives us life.

Our minds, senses, abilities and

mobility are all gifts from You.


We are greatly blessed as people,

but even more so as Jews.


Throughout history You have

established a unique relationship

with our people, repeatedly showing

Your concern for us in so many ways.


We remember that it was You Who performed miracles,

saving our ancestors and us from slavery.


It is You Who guides us, helps us,

provides for us, and saves us.

You alone are God. Bless You God!