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April 8, 2016 - Friday night service at Beth Shalom

Orin Reynolds, who has been collaborating with Bruce David, led Light of the Nations versions of Shabbat Candle lighting and the Mi Shebeirach. Orin is also a member of two time National A Cappella Champions Hooshir who helped provide some of the music.

People loved this! Please feel free to contact Rabbi Brian Besser about how well received this was by the congregants.


This link is to a Saturday night gathering where Orin led the Havdalah and provided other music to enhance this gathering.

Link to video of Havdalah Service featuring LOTN’s original version of Havdalah



November 25, 2015 at Beth Shalom

Orin Reynolds and Bruce David led a Shabbat morning service featuring many of our new Light of the Nation’s songs. This was Orin’s first time sharing these songs and the response was great!

“I thought Orin's contributions were terrific. His presence added a great deal!” said Rabbi Brian Besser.


YouTube Playlist - updated

You can check out short samples of some of LOTN’s music and art/music videos at:



Shabbat Art/Music Video

Featuring Orin Reynolds and members of two time National A Capella competition winners, Hooshir, singing Bruce David’s, Light of the Nations Experience, “Shalom, Shabbat Shalom” song! Art based on Bruce’s “Window of the Soul” stained glass window.

Who wants to be a slave? NOT ME! NOT ME!

 How about you?

 For those who want a way to celebrate their freedom (so as not to become slaves to the busyness of their lives); who can appreciate the value of setting aside time for relaxing, reconnecting with, and recharging, their natural life essence; who would benefit from enjoying some wholeness and peace in their lives … Deep Breaths! Sacred Space!

Link to art/music video



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