Pirates Shabbat

Ahh Mateys! You knows me loves Shabbat, but me thinks Shabbat should be the holiday of Pirates.

                  Why, you ask?

                  Because of all the “Arrgh’s”

                  Arggh (r) for rest , Arggh (r) for relax, Arggh (r) for reflect, Arggh (r) for    

                  return, Arggh (r) for reconnect, Arggh (r) for recharge, Arggh (r) for rejoice and

                  Arggh (r) for “Remember… Remember the Sabbath, to make it holy.” 


Remember the Sabbath, to make it holy. But how do we do this?

Well, it has been said that Shabbat celebrates creation. But what are we talking about when referring to creation? We went out and looked at the Perseids meteor shower not too long ago and marveled at all the Milky Way stars filling the sky. Then I remembered that as humongous as it all is, everything we can see in the vast expanse of our skies is only a small part of our Solar system, much less our galaxy, and that our universe has over a billion galaxies, some with trillions of stars each.

Earth won the biggest super/mega/powerball Lottery of all time when it was chosen as the only garden/world we know of among the trillions of celestial bodies we can currently observe. We all personally won another humongous lottery when out of all the cells, which considering each of our own bodies alone has between 100 -150 trillion cells, and in this case we are speaking about all the cells that make up the visible and invisible energies of all existence that we know about, we ended up as one of the of the life forms on our planet. Yet again we beat the odds when we were selected out of the millions of varieties of life forms on Earth, to be part of the human species; and we are so very fortunate again to be part of a people whose destiny has been to know, interact with and share with others the understandings of a great and powerful LifeForce influencing the creation and existence of our universe and beyond.

To get close to the life, we need to really slow ourselves down to a more natural life connecting space. Some of the best ways to do this are through prayers, songs, meditation and movement.