Psalm 104

May my soul, my inner connection with the Divine Essence,

bless the Source of life Whose majesty embraces creation.


The seasons move in harmonious synchronization

for the One Who set the celestial timepiece in motion.


The moon marks the months as the sun counts the days,

time and dimensions, life and death, all interwoven into a cosmic tapestry.


Our universe functions based on the blueprints of its Architect,

and the desires of the One who established the foundation on which it is built.


Colors and patterns beyond number distinguish the life masterpiece of nature’s canvass,

unsurpassed beauty ensuing from the talent and palette of the supreme Artist.


May the glory of God’s world endure forever, radiating the light of understanding into our lives, hearts and souls.


May the Supreme Entity rejoice together with us in all the awesome wonders and miracles of creation.


We will sing to God in this life and beyond, wherever awareness accompanies us on our path.


May our heartfelt prayers connect us with the heart of love everlasting.


May my soul bless the One whose existence makes all things possible.