People who feel the presence of the Shechina will forever rejoice in God’s greatness.


Those who are blessed to know Adonai will experience joy, wholeness and peace.


With a whole heart we will marvel at Your glory and greatness, O God.


Every day we will celebrate Your magnificence and sing Your praise.


Source of Life, Your unlimited generosity earns You our sincere gratitude and thanks.


Dor L’Dor, generation to generation, we will share the knowledge of Your greatness.


Source of Wonder, we will marvel and meditate on the glory of Your majesty.


When people reflect on Your awesome acts, we too will affirm the magnitude of Your deeds.


Together we will share in the holiness and meaning that Your presence brings to life.


O merciful and forgiving God, our continued well being depends on Your patience and love.


When all of creation thanks You, we will join in love with those who bless You.


Enlightened individuals will speak of Your awesome power that all might come to recognize Your greatness.


The essence of the Sovereign God of life is an eternal connection with all of creation.


The Infinite One hears and answers the prayers of those who connect with the Source of mercy and love. 


People who turn to God will have their essential needs met by the Life of all worlds.


The Compassionate One will honor the souls of those who love God.


Our voices and hearts will join together with those who praise the Divine Presence.


Bless You God, Lifebreath of all creation, Source of our existence and blessings.