Kaddish Thoughts

What a mysterious journey lies ahead,

a mystical course

filled with hopes and dread;

for the next step

of what is to come,

is finding where we belong,

if we have a place in life’s beyond.


Soon, very soon,

the time will come

for us to move outside this place

to our future beyond.


To a space of uncharted paths,

hidden outside our present boundaries,

lost somewhere deep in the math,

of our thoughts

and our fears,

the sense of ever really even being here.


And then,

we have to go,

some “where” that’s not here, but there.

For the time will come

for us and our loved ones to move on

to discover the “what if’s”

in the existence of our life’s beyond.


May the fate of those who have gone on ahead,

be the best possible based on the lives they led;

and may our own passage,

when we follow someday,

also be tinged with life’s goodness,

guiding us along our way.