McGraw Hill - Experiencing the World's Religions

McGraw Hill publishers included David's art in the four most recent editions of their college textbook, "Experiencing the World's Religions." They chose one living and one deceased artist to represent the Jewish religion. David's art is featured alongside the work of Marc Chagall.


Hallmark Cards

Hallmark Cards, a greeting card company known for almost exclusively using their own artists, has included David's artwork numerous times in their "Tree of Life" Notecard line. 

Hyperion Press

Hyperion Press (part of The Walt Disney Company) featured David’s artwork in their book, "Traditions: The complete book of prayers, rituals, and blessings for every Jewish home."


St. Martin’s Press

St. Martin’s Press featured David’s artwork on the covers of two of Mitchell Chefitz's books: 

"Seventh Telling" (LA Times Best Seller) 

and "The Thirty Third Hour."