Light of the Nations Goals

To revitalize the way people experience Judaism by offering opportunities for students and others to engage in meaningful interactive programming that will benefit their lives and our world.

To supplement existing Jewish education by providing an exciting and engaging new approach which will promote increased retention of Jewish values.

To create a web site for all people to interact and learn about Judaism and how it enhances the quality of life and our world.

To assist people in their personal connection with Jewish holidays and customs by sharing songs, thoughts and creative life perspective.


  1. Create an independent online presence with unique, artistically creative submissions where Jews and others can come to interact and learn about the “wholistic” values of Judaism and how they can benefit their lives and our world.

    This web site uses music, art and uniquely creative expression to share the universally wholistic values of Judaism  in modernly relevant ways.  It is a place to come whenever you need a reminder of how Judaism enhances the quality of your life, and our world, and to interact with like-minded Jews and other people interested in living their lives in ways that will positively benefit us all. 

    We will offer online music/programs for Shabbat,  Holidays (Seder), Bar/Bat mitzvahs, Weddings (Wedding song), Healing services, and Kaddish (virtual minyan). We will provide unique educational opportunities and programs for students and others to learn more about Judaism. 

  2. Live Performances (with large screen animations and presentations) at schools, camps, synagogues, conferences, community functions, etc.

  3. Educational Programs  The core of this curriculum includes a number of action filled, entertaining, inspirational, and educational art/music programs and interactive educational games.  These programs and this course are designed to encourage a stronger connection to the most meaningful aspects of Jewish understanding. The lessons include a refreshing approach for relating to Judaism by observing its place in the overall design of life. This teaching philosophy emphasizes the universal aspects of Judaism’s concern for, and connection with, all life; and the wealth of thought-provoking principles and evocative insights the Jewish legacy offers for healingour planet, and for the survival and future well-being of our world.

  4. LOTN Weekend Programs Get Rabbis, educators, musicians, artists, poets, storytellers, students involved in leading LOTN Programs in their communities.  See list of LOTN Programs

  5. Create a universally accepted way for Jews and non-Jews to piggyback on other organizations.   (See Covenant of Connectedness) 
    Establish a common ground for all people (whether religious, atheist, agnostics) to agree on the need, and ways, for joining to create a healthier life growth environment for us all by combining our lights. Everyone should want to be a member, to reflect their light in the best ways for all the peoples and nations of the world. 

  6. Establish a team of young leaders, including fundraisers and grants people to head up the organization.

    Our goal is to be a supplement to all existing Jewish (and non-Jewish) groups, encouraging students, and others, to participate in their communities in ways that will benefit their life growth process. By learning with educators and joining with environmentally concerned, socially active, individuals, they will learn how their actions can improve their lives and our world.