A Honeymoon Watch

Lead in to the Mishebarach


When my Mom and Dad went on their honeymoon, they forgot to take a watch, so they bought a really cheap one.

As it turned out, years after their honeymoon, this watch continued to keep great time and work so well that my dad’s curiosity got the better of him and he decided to check it out and see what was inside.

However, just as he started to open it, the watch basically exploded, and the parts went flying everywhere. The watch never worked again.

Voltaire, in speaking about the “world” once said: “I cannot dream that this watch exists and has no watchmaker.”

Like my parents watch, and Voltaire’s understanding, the pieces of our world are so intricately balanced and connected in the ways they are, and as to how they all function in sequences the way they do, that besides requiring a Master Watchmaker, it is also something that if taken apart or broken, would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to put the pieces back together again and get working properly.

Today, as we pray for healing, we should keep our world in mind, and part of this requires us to increase our perception as to the realities of our situation.

Have people been seeing the gorgeous sunsets? (pause) When we marvel at these beautiful sunsets with all their amazing colors, we need to remember that these vivid colors are only like this because of pollution, and that pollution is killing six million people every year while causing billions more to suffer.

Our reality is that these beautiful sunsets are poisoning us, our children and our loved ones.  Sadly, it is the same with our oceans, our rivers, lakes and drinking water, the land, and even the heavens. Diane and I use to have to wait for meteor showers to watch the sky for shooting stars; but now, because of all the space junk, we sometimes see more streaking, exploding fireballs than even during the meteor showers.

Considering the overall consciousness level of people in the world, it doesn’t look hopeful that we can ever turn our environment around in time to prevent a challenging future for our children and the future generations, but as we have repeatedly witnessed through our amazing legacy, even during darkest times, there is always hope, because the GodForce we recognize is not only always there…but always here!   

With the Mishebarach we pray for healing of the whole, and part of this includes doing what we can to create a healthy life growth environment, for us, and our children and for the generations to come. Please let us keep our world in mind today when we pray for healing.