A series of short life teachings


The Ever-Changing Us  

Our bodies appear to be part of a cellular regeneration process, where older cells are continuously dying off while newer ones are reproduced to take their places. Many believe that the majority of human body cells replace themselves approximately every seven years.


What this means is that we are not the same person we were seven years ago. With the continuous process of cells dying off and being replaced by others, we are not the same person we were seven months, seven days, or even seven hours ago. We are constantly a new person.


If we want to achieve our maximum growth potential, it makes sense to set aside time to learn about those things that are relevant to our lives before deciding what kind of person we want this always new us to be. The way to increase the quality of our lives is by being aware of how we choose to live our lives.


Who’s in Charge Here?


Do we really think we are totally in control of the 100 billion neurons transmitting communications from our brains to all other parts of our bodies?


Are we the ones regularly influencing the workings of our hearts, lungs and all our other organs and bodily systems whose functioning is necessary to our existence?


If we were given responsibility for just one of the extreme number of life requirements essential to our being, for instance, breathing, I wonder if we would be capable of continuously remembering to take a breath every few seconds, and how often our gasping for air would be a reminder for us to breathe.


Not only is it the ultimate “awesome” that all these things happen in the ways they do to enable us to exist, but also that they are created in so many fantastically wonderful varieties and ways, and that on top of all this, that we are provided the perception, senses and abilities to enjoy them in very special ways.


In many ways we have to accept that we have limited control over so much of who we are, and considering all the harm that people already cause because of their limited knowledge and levels of awareness, that’s probably not such a bad thing. 



Taking A Step in the Right Direction!


The first step on life’s most meaningful journey is in “choosing” to move forward in the development of our own personal being. A priority step for advancing in our life growth experience comes in deciding to stay informed about past and current developments affecting our lives. This approach will provide support in recognizing just how intimately we are connected to all other life, and how our own well-being is intricately involved and interdependent upon our planet’s welfare.



Barriers to Our Being… Connected to Being… Apart or A Part of “It All!”


Once we have made the decision to work on improving ourselves and the conditions of life on our planet, it is essential that we find the time, strength, energy, and “will” necessary to commit, or recommit, to learning more about the various aspects of existence that can improve the quality of our lives and our world. 



Putting the Pieces of This Life Puzzle Together


When reflecting on the human condition, it is necessary to do so with open eyes and minds. This is a prerequisite for seeing beyond many of society’s erratic and damaging behaviors, and instead, opting for healthier and saner ways to improve our lives. People must move beyond the illusions and delusions of the misleading mental mind games that would lead them astray if they are to find “substance” to their lives.


Filming the Story of Our Lives – Streaming Live Action Happening Right Now


Mistakes or miss-takes during the filming of our life story. In the full length unabridged version of each person’s living biography, we can never shoot the exact scene again; it is now a part of our personal history. However, we can improve on our future actions in order to produce an enhanced rendering of our self that more accurately reflects the person we want to be. When unexpected incidents occur, how we react, or re-act, reveals much about who we are and where we are heading.  In tensions resulting from our behavior, we discover our true intentions.


 Wasting Away


How do we know if something is a waste of a time? The answer could be at least partially based on how the time we spend doing things benefits our lives.  If people regularly choose not to participate in activities that will provide for many of the essential health related needs of their body, mind, and spiritual essence, instead selecting to repeatedly partake in behavior seemingly devoid of tangible benefits, what does this reveal about a person’s makeup? 


Those who sidestep growth/learning opportunities for strengthening their life connections and friendships with others, while being able to enjoy and celebrate their lives to the fullest, miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime to achieve an enhanced level of their being.


This Choice is Yours


Our choices will divulge our existing levels of wisdom and desire. They will disclose our deepest truth as to whether we are consciously aware of opting for decisions that will be good for us, or if our preference is for choosing things that might be detrimental to our health and growth, and might cause us problems that we will have to deal with for the “Waste of our Life.”



Freewill… to create a better world for us all


Free your “will” to make the best choices, the ones that will have the most positive impact on the most meaningfully significant aspects of life. Choose to make a difference; to employ whatever knowledge and wisdom you possess to express the highest potential of your being, by opting for a destiny that will promote a healthy, happy life growth process.


Considerations to be aware of in attempting to improve our lives:

A Tempting Distraction can lead to Inaction.

Attempting Healing Action can lead to global “Satisfaction!”

“I can’t get no…” (or can I?)


Having It All


Do we have it all together, “it” being the essential aspects of our life, and including our connection with all the rest of life? Achieving “wholeness” and “completion” involves harmoniously integrating all the major parts of our being and existence within a unified space/place.



Zeroing In On Our Target


Prioritizing the ways we choose to live our lives should start with identifying the most important and essential aspects of our existence. This starts with recognizing who and what we are, where we want to go, what we want to achieve. If we aspire for the heights, and want to fulfill our potential to become the best of who we can be, we must look at the choices we make pertaining to our personal being. How do we spend the “time of our lives?”



What Are We Going To Do About It?


People need to take the necessary steps to save our home/world as soon as possible. If we continue to destroy our planet at the rate we are, there soon won’t be any place for future generations to live and grow. To correct our currently misguided and damaging endeavors requires that we take better care of the life, including the human species, that inhabit our planet.


Accommodating a Sub-version of Our Self


Do we have sensible reasons for not developing into an improved version of our self?

Or are we committing “treason to our being” by limiting our ability to grow?



Plotting a Course for Saving the World

Right now all life on planet Earth is suffering from the extensive damage being detrimentally inflicted on her.  The extent of the destruction is far more extreme than most people care to acknowledge.


While it is commendable that so many individuals and businesses are making the effort to go “green,” this in itself is not going to be sufficient to correct the eroding condition of our world. Further action is necessary if we hope to preserve our planet as a healthy place for life to grow.


In addition, the devastation extends far beyond the physical. It also is wreaking havoc on our individual and international psyches. Left untended, these potentially catastrophic difficulties and debilitating ailments will have an extremely negative impact on all of Earth’s inhabitants.


As the so-called advanced species on Earth, it falls to us, the human race, which includes peoples everywhere, to make the obligatory changes required in order to restore our home/world to health. We really should step up and accept the responsibility for cleaning up our mess.