We are Among the Biggest Lottery Winners Ever

There are so many improbable features relating to our world’s existence that all had to come together just right for life on our planet to exist in the way it does. Only when we can truly understand just how unlikely any, much less all, of these things occurring as they do, will we be able to grasp the fundamental nature of just how remarkable it is they we are even here.


We are all among the biggest lottery winners ever! And we are not just a part of winning one major lottery, but we have each won many lotteries. And we should be celebrating our winnings.


First, against odds far greater than all the biggest super/mega/powerball lotteries combined, Earth became the big winner when it was chosen as the only garden/world we know of so far from among the infinite number of celestial bodies we can currently observe throughout our universe. In this case, Earth is the chosen one.


All of existence as we know it is composed of energy. This being the case, we all personally won another humongous lottery when out of all the cells, (which considering that each of our individual bodies is estimated to have between 100 -150 trillion cells, and in this case we are speaking about all the cells that make up the visible and invisible energies of all existence that we know about), we won big-time when we ended up as one of the of the life forms on this planet.


Yet again we beat unbelievable odds when out of the millions of varieties of life forms on Earth we are fortunate/lucky/blessed enough to be part of the human species, with awareness, mobility and capabilities that none of the other life forms that we are currently aware of seem to possess on the levels we do.


As humans, the overwhelming majority of us have minds, senses and abilities that enable us to think, see, hear, feel, taste, smell, touch and experience seemingly unlimited varieties of the many fascinating and remarkable aspects of life.


We should take advantage of all our good fortune by celebrating our existence and enjoying our lives. But we should do this in ways that are the least harmful and damaging to ourselves or to other forms of life. We should treat this life, that we are all part of, with respect.


Just as it would be totally unrealistic for any of us to expect to win numerous worldwide lotteries without some type of outside influence, so we should recognize that this is the same situation we face relating to our lives. Once we are able to adjust our perception, we will be able to distinguish the existence of an intelligent life/energy Force manipulating the continuously unfolding process of creation.