The Wildest Ride of All


I love boogie boarding. I love the energy of riding the waves. As with all kinds of sports, dance, exercise and movement, it does require some strength and balancing skills.


It is the same with surfing! So either take up or envisage your board stance for surfing, balancing your body with your arms spread out to your sides. At least visually, “assume the position.”


What we are all doing now is what I like to refer to as LifeSurfing. We are riding our planetary board, which many call Earth, on the waves of cosmic space.


We travel billions of miles a year on this global ride, (too bad we can’t get frequent flyer miles), balancing ourselves at speeds of close to seventy thousand miles an hour.


If someone asked us if we wanted to go on a thrilling ride through space at 70,000 mph, we would probably find it very exciting. Yet, here we are, doing it all the time, … and rarely taking notice of it.


At this speed, we are constantly moving across an area the width of the United States every couple of minutes. In the length of time it takes for us to listen to one song, we have travelled thousands of miles. And we are doing it even when we are not listening to a song. 70,000 miles per hour! Right now!


(As a point of reference, jet powered aircraft attain speeds of approximately 2000 mph. We are talking about our world moving at speeds over 30 times as fast.)


On top of that, at the very same time, our world, with us on its back, is spinning semi-sideways at up to 1000 mph.


Hang on! What a flight! What a ride!


And we are FIRST CLASS passengers, with a great window view, no line to the bathroom, and plenty of leg room.         


When people ask if you have been doing any traveling, you should always answer, “Yes!”