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"Wholistic" Judaism is Sustainable Judaism


Visual T'filah (Prayer) Videos

*** "Visual T'filah" -  These are a combination of prayers, songs and visual imagery which join together to create a spiritual, visual and sound experience for enhancing the quality of one's connection with our life essence.

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 The above video is a short compilation of Orin singing and sharing LOTN music

Artistic, Creative Expression to Energize your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul


Light of the Nations uses art, music and creative expression to share the universally “wholistic” values Judaism has to offer for improving the health and quality of people’s lives and our world.


Our Call to Action


Bring Light of the Nations to your synagogues, temples, schools, camps, youth groups, communities and conferences, where we can provide you with progressive, contemporary Shabbat and holiday services; high energy, Jewish “feel good” concerts; and our unique educational opportunities.


Educators/Parents – Use our FREE “Lesson Plans” to provide your children, students and congregations with a universally “wholistic” approach to Judaism that makes sense to all people in appreciating the life values of our unique heritage and the benefits it can provide for improving the quality of our lives.


Art/Fundraisers – Purchase our art through our “Best Price Ever” offer. Get our internationally acclaimed art at never before offered prices and SUPPORT our efforts to continue to bring you high quality programming. Great Art!  Great Price! Great Mitzvah!


Use our art/music videos and programs to enhance Shabbat gatherings with your family, friends, congregations and community.


Join us, and all good, caring people, in our efforts to create a healthier, happier, safer, saner world for our children and us all!