Soul Quest: Searching a Troubled Heart Meditation


There are situations when words aren’t adequate,

occasions when we just need to be still.

At these moments, our emotional survival and mental well being,

requires quiet space.

We need time to allow our inner equilibrium

 to adjust to the disturbing implosion of emotions

 that tortures us from deep within ourselves.


Our senses staggered, leaving us knocked off our center of balance,

we struggle with all our strength against the turmoil

which now threatens to topple the very foundation of our spiritual stability.


Thrashing around, our efforts to maintain, seem to be in vain,

as we seek reason to the insanity of sorrow and pain that overwhelms our being.

Caught up in the force of the turbulent, surging current,

time and again we gasp for air, longing to inhale a breath of understanding.

Struggling desperately, amidst the mind numbing confusion of stark reality,

 we attempt to hold on to our hopes and visions

of a better world and way of life, where peace will prevail.


Hopelessness!         Sorrow!            Suffering!

Magnified and replayed, over and over, again and again.

These feelings of despair are stuck in a seemingly endless cycle,

blaring continuously over the loudspeaker of our mind.


Stop!  It is enough already!  Pull the plug!  Turn off the noise!

Focus on the sturdiness of your inner mountain,

your foundation of self realization.

Don’t obsess on the swirling winds of pollution, temporarily passing by.

Now is the time to calm the raging waves of emotions within us,

which threaten to break us down, and wash us away in our tears.


Which is the illusion? Which is real?

Where do we go from here? Where is the next step on our path?

Where is the light that will banish this darkness?


To begin the healing process, set this time aside.

Accept the fact that there is nothing we need to do right now,

nowhere we can go to escape.

It is time to choose a new path,

an old familiar Friend we too often tend to forget.


Don’t struggle anymore with the logic of that which lacks understanding!

Don’t get caught up circling endlessly in a faulty maze,

spinning your wheels over that which doesn’t have a solution.

Letting go and giving in,

allowing the life current to direct you,

is the only way to find the freedom we now seek.


Breathe deeply! Calm your inner essence.

Reduce the raging current to a mild trickle.

Be kind to yourself.

Let the cosmic consciousness engulf you,

bathe yourself in its cleansing harmony.

Purify the core of your being with the gentleness of life’s feathering touch.


Softly, tenderly,

allow your soul stream to gently flow,

effortlessly, back to its source.


Slow your breathing. Quiet your inner essence!

Give yourself a valuable present, a precious heirloom.

Allow your inner spirit the gift of wings it needs to soar to the heavenly heights.

It is here that people come to feel whole.

This is the place where enlightened beings

experience the Divine presence of the God consciousness.


People must make their true soul connection

within the Ha’makom,

the Holy space.

Here, heart and soul are one and yes, it does, feel so wonderful to love.

Through love we make the connection and find the beauty that’s evaded us,

in love we find the balm that heals our open wounds.



Feel the love of the united others massage your life essence.

Bestow your loving caress in return.

Cherish the joy of wholeness,

let it saturate every fiber of your being.

Exist for the moment

on that level,

where every feeling, every impulse,

is total fulfillment, ecstatically charged bliss.

Take a deep breath and let your love flow freely.

It is more than o.k. to smile, it is necessary. It is all right to feel good.

Let the light of love radiate

within and without all that surrounds and encompasses you.

Melt in the joy of life’s tender embrace.


The Ribonno Shel Olam, Master of the Universe, wants you to be happy.

The M’kor ha-chayyim, Source of Life, is always giving the gift of life.

Remember, our bodies have no life, no consciousness or spiritual essence,

but for that which comes from the generosity of the Wellspring of all awareness.

All who share this gift, all who feel this all encompassing presence,

are connected ,

and exist as part of,

the Chey ha’olamin, the Life of all worlds.


This is God’s creation,

a life masterpiece of infinite dimensions,

 including places, lives, and worlds,

far beyond our own understandings and limited vision.

All existence is attached to its Creator,

and the Shechinah, God’s Holy presence, lives within us all.


Find comfort in knowing that the One who provides for all our needs,

 is patient and merciful,

caring for us even more than we care for ourselves.


The fact that we feel this intelligence

provides meaning and purpose to our lives.


Our faith is tested, when we try to limit

the One who has no boundaries.

Our wisdom fails us,

 when we believe our limited knowledge

 is all that is necessary to recognize the hopelessness of a situation.

Truth requires taking into account

 the boundless options and solutions offered by the Supreme Intellect.


Our weakness is exposed

when we depend on our own strength alone,

not remembering to rely on the One who supports and upholds us all.


We may be getting older,

but don’t let our minds develop amnesia

to all we have spent our lives learning to be true.


This world is God’s creation

and the Ruach ha’olam, the Lifebreath of the universe,

is still the supreme force,

the loving entity that nourishes and cares for all our needs.


Don’t be blinded by the darkness.

Open your eyes to the light of God’s infinite pleasures.

Let the Eyn ha’chayin, theSource of life,

embrace you in a Divine hug,

and feel the true peace that comes from being One

 with the love that permeates all creation.


Take a deep breath

and feel the overwhelming passion

 of the Creator’s universal love for all of life.

Sense the wholeness and healing

that comes from adding your love,

to the endless ocean of love,

that which nourishes our spirits with the waters of tranquility,

and induces our souls to flower and bloom.


Take a deep breath and let the knowledge, harmony and wholeness

 of infinite, unrestrained love carry you to the healing heights of peace.