Two versions


Blessed are You, O Lord our God,

the marvelous and awesome Supreme Entity,

the knowledge and power behind all that exists,

the phenomenal force that shapes and maintains creation.

You are worthy of our songs of thanks for Your greatness is evident in all things.

You provide the purpose and understanding necessary for us to achieve a meaningful existence.

You establish the foundation for building a world where ultimately people can learn to live in peace.

You sustain, nourish and nurture both our physical and spiritual essence,

providing us with the necessities for living in this life and beyond.

Your grandeur is found in the abundance and variety of plants, trees, foods and life forms.

The brilliance of Your splendor manifests itself throughout all aspects of nature.

The sky, mountains, forests, waters and cosmos attest to and validate Your existence.

Constantly developing, growing and blooming, the world defines itself by the essence of its Creator.

Bless You God, Life of all worlds, Source of miracles and blessings.


2nd version


Blessed  be  the  Source  from  which  the  lifeblood  of

existence  emanates,  filling  our  meager  pools  with

flowing nourishment from the holy stream. Wherever there

is life, the Divine Presence is there, wherever we go, God is

present, providing for our needs. How can we properly

express our thanks for the unlimited gifts and blessings we

receive daily from our Creator? In song and prayer we

recognize the accomplishments of the Sovereign Power

Whose essence extends to levels unknown, Whose being

makes all things possible. With sincerity, we acknowledge

that there is nothing that can compare to the One Whose

greatness animates the universe. The Chey ha’olamin

(Life of all worlds) sets in motion a world vitalized and

maintained by an incomprehensible energy source. Yet,

in ways unknown, the Source of wonder continuously

replenishes the monumental requirements necessary to

maintain a flourishing life existence of unlimited proportions,

while still caring for the needs of seemingly inconsequential

life forms such as ourselves. If God had just given us a

wonderful garden in which to grow, Dayenu. But, by taking

a personal interest in our lives, God has shown the

characteristic of  a caring, sentient Being. In revealing a

trait that can only be described as “love,” we find ourselves

awed to be the recipient of a heavenly embrace. Beyond space

and time, within and without, we continue our journey through

the dimensions of reality and beyond. In special moments, we

find ourselves connected to the holiness of life. At these times,

our hearts overflow with the unspoken gratitude of thankfulness.

As our whole being soars to the highest heights, we join with

all attuned life in proclaiming the wonder of the Shechinah.

Bless You God, Source of miracles and unending love.