Saturday Morning Shabbat

Song Options - Most songs are available with large screen projections


Typical prayer/songs for a traditional Saturday morning service  (Other song options listed below)


Music samples - Audio and Video options- Select this link to go to our Song page where you can listen to, and/or view, our songs and videos. 





"Mi Chamocha"

Amidah – Silent Meditation

"Y’hiyu  L’ratzon"

“Etz Chayim"

“Mi Shebeirach”

Drash - Options

“Oseh Shalom”

Closing song: “Shabbat Shalom” Song


Other song options


“Shiru Ladonai”  (Sing to the One)



“Shalom Rav” – uptempo

“Mah Gadlu/Kol Hanshema” Medley 

“Elohai Neshma”