Spiritual Mikveh Meditation

As you approach the invisible mystical waters,

you realize this is not ordinary bath water.

Just as a challah at Shabbat, is not just a regular loaf of bread,

there is something very special, something holy,

about this inviting pool in which you are preparing to immerse yourself.

These are the pure cleansing waters of holiness,

preparing to engulf you in spiritual ecstasy.


As each step brings you closer to the water’s edge,

You feel as though a life magnet is drawing you home.

Now is the time to prepare yourself for this ultimate cleansing experience.

It is time to discard your exterior clothing,

material reminders that symbolize the busy stuff that occupies your  mind and life throughout the week.

Remove the outer coat of scheduling and appointments,

obligations that keep you breathlessly scurrying from one task to the next. 

Toss away the shoes of the endless chores of time,

all those things that keep you running continuously,

as you try to keep up with your family,  job,  home,

 and all the things needed to maintain your lifestyle,

your self-imposed view of success.

Now, slowly, discard the outfit that hides your need to forgive yourself, and others. Allow yourself to give, and receive, forgiveness.  This is where true cleansing, and healing begins.

Finally, remove the mask that requires you to maintain the illusion of being a super parent, a super person, who is able to be all things to all people, all the time.

Once you have removed the outer layers of stress, worries, and busy things that keep you from connecting to the higher source of your inner being,

you will be ready to enter the Mikvah.


Unencumbered and totally free of your self imposed shackles,

You will feel as though a tremendous weight has been lifted.

You can actually breathe the breath of freedom.

It is hard to remember the last time just taking a breath felt so good.  With your next breath, open your senses

and you will smell the pure scent of holiness,

taste the deliciousness of self-awareness,

and feel the mist of healing vapors beginning to penetrate your pores.

You are returning home to the womb of connectedness,

preparing to submerse yourself in an all-encompassing love.


As you take the first step into the warm, welcoming pool,

relax your feet and feel the waters gentle massage.

At this stage you must let go of feelings of guilt,

as they try to convince you that you are not worthy.

Be careful of the constant distractions of your mind

as it attempts to divert you from this bath of baths that you so richly deserve.

Be happy to be right here, right now,

To fully soak up the feeling of joy, contentment, and pleasure that this experience offers.


As you descend further into this pool of bliss,

now covering the lower parts of your body,

let go of your physical needs,

your hunger, desires, and appetite

for those things that do not require your attention right now.

Share in  the wholeness of knowing that all your needs are met.


Now feel the loving caress of the waters as they cover your upper body, shoulders and arms.

Let go of your need to carry all the burdens,

the weight of the world on your shoulders.

You are not alone.

You don’t have to be intense and strong all the time.

It is ok to relax and enjoy yourself,

to take time to appreciate all the blessings you have been given.


As you deeply breathe in the breath of life,

allow the Mikvah waters to cover your head.

Let your senses share in your cleansing,

so that they too will be able to rejoice and start anew.

Let your mouth be rinsed of the need to speak distastefully

in ways that might injure others.

Move beyond the commercial pollutants

that clog your nostrils and senses.

Enjoy the sweet fragrance of life’s perfume.

Swab your ears clean of the blockage of gossip

and thoughtless speech that has clogged them for so long.

Once again, hear, and appreciate, the beauty of truth.

Remove the heavy veil of darkness from your eyes

that has, for so long, kept you from clarity.

Renew your inner vision of a world shared in peace.


The waters of a spiritual Mikvah run deep,

seeping through to cleanse even the deepest levels

of your mind, heart and soul.

This is the final cleansing, the one that will allow you

 to develop deep inner awareness.

Resist the impulse to tense up.

We are all so vulnerable.

We have all hurt others, and been hurt by others.

It is hard to let go, but you must.

Gently, and slowly, allow yourself to be free,

so that once again you will share in, and enjoy, life’s fullness.

Do this, and you can relax

and float freely within the gentle current of life’s stream.

Once again, you will know the beauty of goodness and truth

flowing freely through your entire being.

Waves of overflowing love will saturate your life,

both within, and without you.

Geysers of joy will drench your spirit with laughter.

The waters of wholeness will embrace you in a Divine hug.


Now’s the time. Connect with the holiness of oneness.

Let enlightenment guide you on the path of mystical delight.