Wanna Bet?

How much would you like to bet that I can move the distance of from here to the state of California, or to whatever state is the farthest away from where you are right now, in the next five minutes?

And yes, I am speaking of my actual physical body.

You can even come along with me to verify it.

Are you a gambling person?

What do you think?

Is it worth risking a few bucks to find out?


I hope not!

It is a sucker’s bet! You can’t win!

Each and every one of us does this all the time.


In the everyday life situations that we all continuously face, our ability to represent ourselves in the best possible ways is directly related to how well informed we are about the circumstances we encounter.


Anyone who is not at least somewhat aware of, or who cannot relate to the implications of being a member of a sophisticated life species, travelling on a one-of-a-kind garden planet, at incredible speed, on a designated route through space, needs to focus more attentively on our existing life reality.