Yom Kippur - A time of cleansing, healing for us all

The many different aspects of our existence are based on intricately, interdependent systems, such as our air/oxygen (and water) recycling system. For example, the trees change/convert our polluted, unusable air, to make it clean for us to breathe again.

Compare this with Yom Kippur, as a spiritual/soul purification system, a time set aside to cleanse us of our impurities so that our souls can breathe freely again, unrestrained by the shortcomings and pollutions of our past.

For some people, this holyday, holy time, may seem to be just a placebo, because they don’t properly integrate it into their life system. But for those who get it, and take it to heart…and soul, it can be a healthy, nourishing supplement that will enhance the quality of their existence. 

When people understand (and believe in) its value, its effects become real and it can revitalize their lives. This is the difference between a holiday being a holy-day or a hallow-day, one that is spiritually empty.

We are humans. We have all screwed up many, many times in uncountable ways. We need to be able to let go of the excess baggage of our human shortcomings, weaknesses and ignorance, to release the weight of the past parts of our lives that burden us down and prevent us from advancing in our growth.

We need to feel free to start again based on the knowledge and understandings we have acquired at this stage of our lives.

This is a major part of what Yom Kippur is about.

At Rosh Hashanah, we evaluated and took stock of our lives to see where we were at and where we wanted to be going to improve the quality of our lives. At Yom Kippur, it is great and important to know that we have the opportunity to be whole and to start again, unrestrained by the questionable past experiences on our path and journey to becoming our better selves.