Aleinu Prayer  

(Two versions)


Joyfully, we acknowledge and thank God,

the Creator and Essence of all existence,

Who provides us with a special heritage,

and a meaningful life purpose.


We offer our thanks to You, God,

with love and gratitude, as we recognize You

as the Lifegiver, and Sustainer of life, Who established,

and maintains, the foundations of the universe.

There is nothing like God,

even as we are taught in the Torah:

You should know, and always keep it in your heart, that the Lord alone is God. There is nothing else like God anywhere, not in the Heaven above, or on the earth beneath.” ( Deut. 4:39)


God, we look forward to the time when You will reveal Your Divine Presence to all.

Then, people everywhere will know You,

and share in Your glory.

In Your perfected world, evil will no longer exist,

all families will accept Your teachings,

and all will share Your gifts in peace.

For You are God for eternity,

as it is written in the Torah:

“The Lord will exist supreme forever.”                                                      (Exodus 15:18)

It is said of the ultimate time of peace, yet to come, that then,

“God’s sovereignty will be over all creation,

and all will know that God is One.”                                                           (Zechariah 14:9)


May this time be soon, dear God,

when all will know You,

all will love You,

and all will follow You with a whole heart.

Bless You God.  


2nd version


Blessed are You, the LIfeForce of all that is!

Thank You for giving us a special legacy and destiny:

To be a “Light of the Nations,” a shining reflection of light and love to all peoples, and to bring the lights of truth, justice, love and understanding to dispel the darkness of ignorance, violence and hate.

To do “Tikkun Olam,” to actively contribute in a positive way to the wholeness, healing and repair of our world.

To be “B'Tzelem Elohim,” in Your image, partners in caring for the well-being and health of our garden world and its many life forms.

To pursue “Shalom,”  to strive for peace and wholeness for us all, and for the time when GodSpace will be a “House of Prayer for all peoples.”

May the time be soon when all will know You, love You and follow You with a whole heart!

Then all will respect Your precious gift of life, and will recognize what we already know, that You alone are God.

Bless You God!