Echoes of our Souls


Listen… with the ears of life.

Did you hear the voices of tiny frogs, the peepers,

speak for the very first time this week?

Such a strange chirping noise…

their song of awakening.


Now listen within. Do you hear anything? Anything at all?

“Love with all your heart!”


Connect with the source of inner love,

and touch on the essence of universal love.


Did you wake up and answer your calling this week?


Did you hear beyond the voice bidding you to listen,

to recognize Who it was that was calling to you?


Spring is here.

Time to wake up.


Time to rub the sleep of the slumberous from your eyes.

Stretch your awareness. Awaken your senses.

Join the life all around us in waking to a new birth.


Just yesterday, the dainty crocuses summoned the energy

to burst forth through the hard clumps of dense earth

and peek out at the world beyond, to search out the light.


Surely you are stronger than a simple flower,

yet, when was the last time you found the strength

to push yourself, to rise above the hardness surrounding you,

limiting your growth?


When did you last view the world from a perspective

beyond the heaviness of scheduling and commitments

that blind and bury you, weighing you down, wearing you out?


When did you last rise and open your eyes

to the dawning of a new season?


The time for hibernation is over.

Push! Push!

“Love with all your might!”


Find strength and determination in the crocuses.

Don’t ever give up or succumb to the confusion of life’s outer maze.

Find your inner path, and grow towards the light.

Focus; focus on the Caller, even more than the call;

connect with the essence of the One Presence

that fills all life, all creation.


The Source of all is one.

The wondrous Entity,

that planted all of life to grow,

planted us also.


Our souls are spiritual seeds,

planted within the garden of our bodies.

With proper care and love,

they can ultimately flower, bloom and bear good fruit,

through our lives and the lives of our children.


Be like the early buds of Spring,

first showing up right now.

Crack through the shell that surrounds you,

allow your soul to grow into something more

than you ever thought, or imagined it could be.


How many caterpillars, woven into their cocoons,

ever dreamed they would soar as beautiful butterflies?

“Love with all your soul!”


Take the time to tend your garden,

to water your inner spirit,

your life essence.


Connect with the light that bathes all creation with love.

Feel the warmth; bask in its glow.

Give your soul the wings of freedom to fly to the heavenly heights.


Listen peoples of the world, the Source of all is one.


not two, not three.



We are all part of the same “One.”

It is the way of life, the path to wholeness and completion.


Now listen, really listen,

to the sounds of creation playing in tune,

like the Pied Piper of nature calling the children home.


Hear the symphony of life coexisting in harmony;

and then find your own place,

and sound your own note,

beautifully and fully,

joining the chorus of humanity

that echoes our connecting presence,

that resounds with the universal teaching of unity,

to “love” the “one.”


“With all your heart, with all your soul, with all your might.”

The song of life is always playing,