Perspectives on the Force of Existence                                                   

“In the Beginning” 

Regardless of what we call it, pretty much everyone agrees that something powerful happened, either a “creation” (birth) or “explosion” (Big Bang), which led to the existence of our universe.

This is where many people’s perspectives first differ. Atheists for the most part believe that we are the accident/result of some type of cosmic explosion and evolutionary process. (It would have had to be an accident because anything else would imply purpose.) Some scientists believe that an innovative Force began and established the laws of nature in the beginning, but now allows the universe to evolve without interference. Religious/Spiritual people believe that there is a Mystical Force, with awareness and purpose, influencing existence. Agnostics are not sure what they believe.

Based on our current understandings, this Big Bang Creation led to what we refer to as “matter” (matter consists of atoms that make up every visible object in the universe, including us), while everything else appears to consist of energy, dark matter/dark energy.  While “matter” includes all the planets, stars and celestial bodies that we are aware of, as well as everything that we can perceive on our planet, it is estimated that “matter” makes up only about 5% of our universe. 

Since the overwhelming majority of our universal existence is still invisible to us, we basically have very limited vision. This severely restricts not only our sight, but also our competency for trusting in what we now believe, for in the much bigger picture, our current vision, and knowledge, may well not be relevant or true.  

However, even from our extremely limited perspective, and based on what we do know now, it seems that we are all very fortunate/blessed to be part of the “matter,” this strange substance with which we can interact. 

Following the original explosion of radiating “light and energy,” (Creation/Big Bang), universal progression led to the expansion of a celestial environment of galaxies overflowing with planetary bodies. It is estimated that there are at least billions of galaxies, some with billions and trillions of planets and stars each.

 An apparently unique aspect of this collective planetary experience is that, for as much as we know of right now, only one worldly environment, Earth, includes seemingly endless variations of “living” creatures and life forms.

Quick Review 1
                       (“Good”… implying miraculously lucky, or blessed, based on our current perspectives.)
1) Good … that there was some kind of cosmic reaction that led to a universe of possibilities. 
2) Good … to be part of the matter, the tangible substance that enables us to experience life through sensory perceptions.
3) Good … to be part of the only planet we currently know of that contains a continuously happening life growth process.

We are Among the Biggest Lottery Winners Ever

There are so many improbable features relating to our world’s existence that all had to come together just right for life on our planet to exist in the way it does. 

First, against odds far greater than all the biggest super/mega lotteries combined, Earth became the big winner when it was chosen as the only garden/world we know of so far from among the infinite number of celestial bodies we can currently observe throughout our universe. In this case, Earth is the “chosen one” of planets in our galaxy, and beyond.

To meet all the infinite and diverse needs of a functional universe, and the immeasurable requirements of inestimable life forms on an emerging garden world, would seem to require expertise, knowledge and abilities on so many levels.  To mention only a few, this includes our planet being the right distance from the sun for humans and other life forms to exist as we do, a biosphere to keep our air supply in, a tilted planet to enable our seasons of growth, a recycling water and air system, and a natural life growth process, one which helps provide for our physical needs. Happy accidents or part of a plan?       

This is true on the cosmic scale as well. Somehow, all the intricate pieces of a universe, both the visible and invisible, on myriads of limitless levels, had to precisely come together for everything to manifest in the way that it has.  

In a discernable way, this would seem to imply that there has to be a Force of some kind that is influencing the flow of existence from the sub-atomic particles level, and smaller, on up. 

Cell-ebrating Our Lives  

All life that we know of is composed of cells. This being the case, we are all personally big winners when out of all the cells, (which considering that each of our individual bodies is estimated to have between 100 -150 trillion cells, and in this case we are speaking about all the cells that make up all the life forms that we know about), we won big-time when our cells came together as a seemingly advanced life form on this planet. 

We are so lucky/blessed to be part of the human species; with awareness, mobility and capabilities that none of the other life forms, that we are currently aware of, seem to possess on the levels that we do. 

As humans, the overwhelming majority of us engage our minds, senses, bodies and abilities in ways that enable us to think, see, hear, feel, taste, smell, touch, move and experience seemingly unlimited varieties of the many fascinating and remarkable aspects of life. 

Humans are the “chosen ones” of life species. We won the biggest life lottery just by being humans. Out of everything we know of, what other life form would we rather be other than human?

Being human is a precious life gift and we should embrace it us such.

Quick Review 2
                             ("Good”… implying miraculously lucky, or blessed, based on our current perspectives.)
4) Good … that all the improbable aspects necessary for our world, all life and us to exist, somehow “miraculously” came together in the ways they did.
5) Good … that out of the seemingly infinite numbers of cells that make up all life, that we ended up as a seemingly advanced life species.
6) Good … that as humans, we have awareness, a body with functioning organs and systems, and a super advanced computer type brain that basically helps run our physical entity; and that we have senses and abilities to experience and enjoy the wonders of life that surround us.

“In the beginning,” either there was already a consciously aware Force in existence, or somehow, the presence of a substance(s), such as dark matter/energy, evolved to explode and create an entirely functional universe of light, colors, shapes, and forms, beyond our capabilities to count or comprehend. This accident would somehow have to eventually develop to include a planet capable of supporting life, including an atmosphere for retaining the air for the life forms to breathe; and a life growth process, along with the elements of a natural recycling process necessary for life to propagate; and including consciously aware humans.

A miracle is most often defined as: “Beyond our realm of understanding,” or a “statistically unlikely occurrence,” so we will use these as our guides for determining whether different events are truly out of the ordinary happenings.

The odds of winning a huge lottery are one in millions. In our case, each of the previously mentioned perceptions would qualify as a miracle with odds far beyond millions. Miraculous or extremely lucky “beyond belief?”

When does continuously beating miraculous odds stop being considered a lucky coincidence?

Just as it would be totally unrealistic for any of us to expect to win numerous worldwide lotteries without some type of outside influence, so we should recognize that this is the same situation we face relating to our lives. When we adjust our perception to fully understand and appreciate this approach, we can distinguish the existence of an amazing Force manipulating a continuously unfolding process.

Whether blessed by a Creator, or just materializing in human forms as a stroke of incredibly amazing “luck” as the result of an accidental cosmic explosion, we all should agree that manifesting as one of the most skilled species on our exceptional planet, offers us a wealth of opportunity, and responsibility.   

We should take advantage of all our good fortune by celebrating our existence and enjoying our lives. But we should do this in ways that are the least harmful and damaging to ourselves or to other forms of life. We should treat this precious life, that we are all part of, with respect.

Author’s Personal Spiritual Approach

Upfront I would like to say that while I am universally, love/life oriented, I treasure the Jewish understandings and traditions that have guided me to develop my universal life connection. And still today, these same Jewish traditions and practices play a significant role in positively influencing my life choices. 

Adopting a “Wholistic” approach to Judaism was a vital aspect of attaining my current level of understanding and I encourage everyone to adapt their own religious, spiritual beliefs, and/or life philosophy, so that they will also be choosing for a loving universal approach that will provide the best possible future for us all. Everyone’s preferred religion and/or life philosophy should guide them to a healthy, loving place for life to grow. Any life path we follow should lead to enlightenment/increased life awareness … to an embracing of our connection with each other, our world and beyond, and reverence for our precious gift of life.

The Jewish “Wholistic” Philosophy

 We are universally love/life oriented individuals who recognize the validity of the Jewish path as a way to advance our life growth process. By assisting us in achieving a more consciously aware and mindful version of our “self,” this approach benefits us, our loved ones, our people, all peoples, and our world. 

“Wholistic” Judaism is Sustainable Judaism