Meeting with God Meditation


Slow your breathing. Quiet your inner essence!

Allow your inner spirit the gift of wings it needs to soar to the heavenly heights.

It is here that people come to feel whole.

This is the place where enlightened beings experience the Divine presence of the God consciousness.


People must make the connection within the Ha’makom, the Holy space.

Here, heart and soul are one and yes, it does feel so good to love.

Through love we make the connection with, and find the beauty that’s evaded us,

in love we find the balm that heals our open wounds.

I give my love, love, love.

To be on that plane where every feeling, every thought,

is total, ecstatic… love.

Take a deep breath and love.


The Ribonno Shel Olam, Supreme Essence of the Universe, wants you to be happy.

The M’kor ha-chayyim, Source of Life is always giving life.

Our bodies have no life, no existence, no consciousness, but for that which comes from the Wellspring of all awareness.


All who share this gift, all who feel this all encompassing presence,

are connected as part of the Chey ha’olamin, the Life of all worlds.

This is God’s creation, a life masterpiece of infinite dimensions.

All existence is attached to its Creator.

The Shechinah, God’s Holy presence, lives within us all.


Find comfort in knowing that the Compassionate One who provides for all our needs is patient and merciful, caring for us even more than we care for ourselves. True enlightenment suggests we display our wisdom through nurturing creation, tending to the needs of the life forms that co inhabit our universe.


The fact that we feel this intelligence gives meaning and purpose to our lives. Since our actions reflect our awareness, we must demonstrate our insight through behavior that justifies our understandings of universal consciousness and wholeness. Through “Tikkun Olam” we must strive to mend and rejuvenate a world in need of spiritual and physical healing.


Find your place within the scheme of the universal plan of existence.  Freewill allows us the option to choose our role on life’s stage, yet in too many instances we end up destroying more than we ever hoped to save. Be patient! Choose wisely! Let the One Who provides guidance and orchestration to the stars, planets, and seasons direct your passage on this voyage of destiny.


Determine the reason and rationale behind your intentions and you will choose to function on the highest level of principle. In this instance, your choice of future vocation will be based on your prophetic calling to be “a light of the nations.”  By assisting others in recognizing the existence of, and our connection to, a Supreme, Loving, Life Entity, you can help knock down the walls of isolation and ignorance and open the door to a peaceful joining of universal togetherness.


Our faith is tested when we try to limit the One who has no boundaries.

Our wisdom fails when we believe our limited knowledge is all that is necessary to recognize the hopelessness of a workable solution without taking into account the supreme Intellect.

Our weakness is exposed when we depend on our own strength alone, not remembering to rely on the One who supports and upholds us all.

We may be getting older, but don’t let our minds develop amnesia to all we have spent our lives learning to be true.

This world is God’s creation and the Ruach ha’olam, the Lifebreath of the universe, is still the supreme force, the loving entity that nourishes and cares for all our needs.

Don’t be blinded by the darkness. Open your eyes to the light of God’s infinite pleasures. Let the Eyn ha’chayin, the Source of life, embrace you in a Divine hug, and feel the true peace that comes from being One with the love that permeates all creation.

Take a deep breath and love.