Whispers of Hope...for the world and our children


This journey is one for us all. The goal is to provide a logical, consistent train-of-thought process for understanding our planetary quandary, and to encourage pursuing a workable plan of action to repair, heal and mend our world and our lives.


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The Jewish Soul Haggadah....Where Heaven and Earth Touch


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A message from the author...Bruce David

A project over fifteen years in creating, this Haggadah is the culmination of more than thirty years of work. It is my life efforts with the art to reach others with the values and importance of the Jewish legacy.  Besides the art, the Haggadah contains contemporary stories, poems, prayers and meditations which I have written throughout the years.  It combines relevant modern issues, along with the understandings of our historical legacy, in totally unique ways of sharing the Passover story.  This approach is designed to offer a Passover guide that all can benefit from on different levels. It will hopefully inspire, educate and entertain those who read it.


Just a few of the distinctive features of “The Jewish Soul Haggadah … Where Heaven and Earth Touch” are:


1)    A “Storytelling Seder Plate,” where the depiction of each item on the Seder Plate   shares part of the Passover Story (pgs. 4-5).

2)    A drash  (short story) comparing the Passover Story with the “Wizard of Oz” (pg. 8).

3)    “Echoes of our Souls – A Shema Meditation” (pg. 2-3).

4)    A unique perspective on the “Four Children” section of the Seder entitled, “Four Children, Four Stages of Growth, Four Parts of Ourselves” (pg. 36).

5)    “In Our Heart of Hearts, Whispers of Hope for Our Children,” a special blessing from parents to their children (pgs. 38-39).

6)    A” Pesach Freedom Drash” (pg. 41).

7)    An original “Ten Plagues” picture created specifically for this Haggadah. In the design, a tornado devastating the land is also a wine cup containing illustrations of each of the Ten Plagues. The composition additionally includes a representation of when we remove the ten drops of wine from the cup during the Seder (pg. 43).

8)    “Cheese Blintzes and Prayers…When We Have To Eat Our Words,” a short drash (pg. 52).

9)    An “R” rated drash because it contains nudity and roosters. Based on a Rebbe Nachman teaching (pgs. 82-83).