Shema Prayer 

Shema Yisrael,                                                                             

Listen Israel,

Listen world,

The Source of Existence is One.

Love the All,

with the best of who you are.

Remember your life connection,

and strive for health and wholeness for us all.

Keep your knowledge of the LifeSource with you always,

in your hearts, prayers, decision making and everything you do.

Teach the children awareness of the Creator’s existence

that they too may come to know life’s truths.

The Force influencing creation is there for us always,

guiding and assisting us on our paths,

and providing for our every need.

We sanctify our precious gift of life

by loving the One Whose presence fills creation.


Shema Prayer – 2nd & 3rd Paragraphs

If you would know God, Shema, listen,

and you will understand what the Divine Essence wants of you.

When you love Adonai with all your heart and soul,

your needs will be met in all ways.


There are times however,

when you should not follow your heart,

especially if it would lead you to worship things other than God.

This will only distance you from the One who gives life,

and your needs will not be met.

Keep the words and message of the Shema,

to love Adonai in all ways,

close to you at all times.

Let them serve as a sign,

both on your hand and before your eyes.

Let these words be reminders to keep God near to you always;

in your heart, and in your actions,

in your thoughts, prayers and decision making,

in everything you do.


Remember to teach your children about the Creator,

that they too may come to know God, and share in life’s blessings.

Display the words of the Shema in your home

and in your surroundings.

When you encompass yourself with reminders of the Divine Presence,

it will help you remember your connection with all of creation,

and you will bring that which is holy close to you.


Listen, and you will understand why God wanted Moses

to have the people put tzitzit and a twisted blue strand

on the corners of their clothes.

These tzitzit will also serve as reminders to do mitzvot,

and all that is necessary to help you to grow.


Sometimes it is too easy to follow your eyes and heart,

even when they wander away from what is right.

There are times when we all need help on our journey.

Let these guides remind you of what is necessary

to stay close to the One whose presence fills all of creation.


Always remember that it is Adonai

Who brought you from slavery and darkness in Mitzrayim,

to freedom and light.

As with our ancestors before us,

God also wants to be there for us;

to teach and help us, to protect and provide for us,

to have mercy on and forgive us, to heal and save us,

and to guide us safely on our journey through life.

In recognition of our special relationship and friendship, God reminds us:

“I, the Lord am your God!”  Adonai Elohayhim Emet.