Psalms 113 and 114     Halleluyah!


            From sunrise to sunset,                                                                                

            praise forever the One whose presence

            fills all existence with love and understanding.


            Far beyond everything we know,

            yet found within all that lives,

           God cares for creation,

           provides for the needs

           of all who share in the garden of life.


           God’s essence connects all together

           as one family of the universe,

           a bond of unity that can never be broken.


           When we touch on our own holiness,

           we know in truth,

           the gifts of God are endless.

           Halleluyah!                                             Psalm 113





            When Israel left Mitzrayim (Egypt),                                            

            they were guided by God’s presence.

            First the waters of the Sea of Reeds (Red Sea),

            and later those of the Jordan River,

            both separated to allow the Jews to cross over.


            When our people received the Torah,

            the surrounding  life reacted,

            manifesting awareness to the magnitude

            of this uniquely significant event.


            What could cause these powerful forces

            of nature to  extend beyond their

            established boundaries?


            All that exists responds to their Creator,

            the One Who is capable of producing water

            from a rock.     

                                                             Psalm 114