What’s in a Name?

Why Light of the Nations?

Passover Seder alt






“It is not enough for you to be My messenger, 

to elevate the families of Jacob, 

and bring back the generations of Israel, 

you will also shine as a light of the nations, 

so that My deliverance will be 

to the ends of the earth."     

   (A Modernly Respectful Adaption)  Isaiah 49:6 


Basically, the way this verse describes the Jewish purpose, as a Light of the Nations, is for the Jewish people to be active participants in providing a healthier and better future for our world and its many life forms. It encourages each us to shine our light, while joining with and encouraging others to shine their light, too. 

We are called Light of the Nations Experience because we want people to be able to experience Judaism, and their own lives, from a universally, “wholistic” approach. By being a light of love in the world, we all can help dispel the darkness of ignorance, waste, violence and hate.  

Not just Jews, but everyone should want to be a Light of the Nations, to join our lights together to positively contribute to the health and well-being of all our lives and the world.

Being a Light of the Nations means that we accept our responsibility to increase the light of love and understanding in ways that will dispel the darkness causing harm to all of us and our world.

 “Let there be light!”