Ten Commandments Today (video)

Ten Commandments Today

How true something is can often be based on the “truth” of its impact and ability to influence others. If people “believe” something to be true, it can affect their actions, both positively and/or negatively, whether or not it is actually historically or factually accurate. The best we can do is to try to understand how all different types of “things” determine our reality and belief system, and to find a way of interpreting them that will benefit our existence.

Consider how so much has changed in just over one hundred years. Less than a hundred and fifty  years ago, the inhabitants of our planet first developed the capacity to make telephones.  At this time, there still weren’t any televisions, cars, airplanes, computers, or cell phones. 

One area particularly affected by all the new technology was our ability to communicate with each other. Think of the abundance of new technological methods we use today to get in touch with others. In just a few generations, we have made so many major advancements.

It is hard to even begin to imagine what a different world it was almost a century ago. Yet, there are people who lived back then that are still alive today (as of this writing.) 

Recognizing the tremendous enormity of change that took place during the recent history of our world over the last one hundred years makes it almost incomprehensible for us to even begin to envision what it must have been like for peoples who lived on earth “thousands” of years in the past. 

It may be that at the time of the biblical people referred to in the bible, and alluded to in vast other forms of historical content, that thousands of our years ago in a much different dimension of time and space, a simplistic form of verbal communication was the best available option for an advanced Being to transmit information with the population of that age. For such a primitive species of humans, with comparatively limited understanding, intelligence, and communication skills, this was probably a very basic language that the population of that era would most likely be able to relate to in some manner. 

Like an instructor attempting to motivate students to progress in their understandings, it appears that each step of these “ten teachings” is specifically designed to provide people of that time with guidance to aid them in their life growth development. With our more advanced, although still extremely limited, current understandings; including knowledge of our interconnectedness with all life, and recognition of the most constructive life path being the one that provides a healthy world for life to grow; it is time to examine these teachings again. 

Those who share in these understandings would consider this contemporary approach to interpreting the Ten Commandments to be from the viewpoint of consciously aware/enlightened individuals, those who recognize the universal aspects and connection of all life.


Ten Commandments Today 

 #1     God is God

The Mysterious Force, referred to in many languages and religions as God, is the ultimate Source and Essence of life as we know it.

The all-inclusive Oneness of existence unites us with our universe and beyond.It bonds us with everyone and everything else. We all share a cellular level bond with everyone and all life.

All the energy manifestations of creation exist as a result of the influence of this prevailing Force.


#2    No other gods

The “One” will be called by many names. People will try science, prayer and all kinds of unusual things in their efforts to connect with and understand this Entity.

Don’t be led astray by those who claim to speak as a representative of the Source of life if their teachings take you away from what you understand to be truth.

The one Energy Force of creation is the essence influencing all of existence. Don’t be deceived by any manifestation of the One Source of all life if it leads you away from your own personal connection with the LifeGiver.

Know that your own being is equally as important as all the rest of the life/energy forms that make up these lives and our existence.


#3    Don’t take God’s name in vain

Mindfulness of our own precious life gift should inspire us to respect the connection this universal embodiment of transcendent energy has with the entirety of life. Logical reasoning, based on our minds and brains functioning in the ways they presently do, seems to indicate that we should be grateful for the gifts of our lives and for all our abilities, mobility and senses.

Those who recognize Intelligence involved with the life process refer to these gifts as “blessings.”

Taking these understandings to the next level should encourage us to approach all that share our life connection, human and otherwise, in the same way we would like them to behave towards us, lovingly, gently, generously, openly, patiently and respectfully.

“Don’t take God’s name in vain!” Don’t say or do things, supposedly in the name of or as the desired will of, the Source of Life, for our benefit if our actions will have an unnecessary and destructive impact on other life forms.

Don’t have other life forms suffer for selfish, fleeting pleasures.


#4    Remember to make the Sabbath Day special

Take this day each week to relax, rest, and celebrate your life. Our life energy needs to recharge.

Delight in a sense of “freedom,” the serenity of precious “peace.” 

We need to take the time, at least weekly, to reflect on our life essence and rediscover who we are, the reason we are here and our importance and value to the rest of life.

It is essential to regularly reconnect with our core understandings; the ones we know are the most significant and meaningful parts of who we are. As with other things, when we neglect them, we weaken our connection with them.

It is the same with our spouse, partner, children, other family members and friends. Sharing the Sabbath together is a great way to reinforce our special connection.

This is vital for sculpting our desires of a better world into action towards creating a healthy life community for us all to live and grow.


#5    Honor your parents

It is essential to develop an understanding of where we come from if we ever hope to gain the truth of our existence. What went on in the time before we arrived here?

In order to discover more about our lives, it helps to understand what choices others have made and where it has led them. What did they accomplish that has real life value?

Once we have our answers, we should integrate the wisdom and knowledge of conscientious, life oriented individuals with our own, using this as a foundation for growth.

Young people are the starting point for the coming generations. They will have minds capable of perceiving and relating to ideas and understandings on a level that those, who built the steps on the ladder before them, will never have known.

But we all still need the life understandings and experiences of those who lived before us, to propel us ahead by providing knowledge, wisdom, and strength to advance on our journey.

Along with various other factors, a major part of our advancement will be dependent upon and influenced by our choices.

By building a foundation of knowledge, it will enable us to navigate our course with whatever intelligence we are capable of at the time, and to stay our course in the direction of our aspiration, which should be constantly evolving and growing along with us.

During times when we find our “self ” disconnected from our path, it becomes necessary to refocus on our desired destiny, and to make the effort to continue to grow to a higher evolution of being, and a more evolved state of existence.

You honor your parents, those who came before and who were the vessels by which your current materialization came to exist, by continuing with the family’s growth, the life’s growth, towards a future time of health and wholeness for coming generations.

Each generations life task is to progress to a more advanced level by attempting to make our world an improved place for them having been here. On this particular life plane of existence, for a species such as ours, our primary goal should be to help create a healthier, safer world for ourselves, our children and future generations.


 #6   Don’t murder  

Life on our planet appears to be set up as part of a natural, life growth recycling process, with the physical objective of our existence being to bloom and bear quality fruit.

While we all extinguish life, even with every breath we take, still, the way the majority of life appears to grow best, is when it is tended to properly and has its needs met.

Since we rely on the cessation of other varieties of life forms to enable us to maintain our own existence, we should recognize the value of all species and not destroy other forms needlessly.

When we do acquire necessities for prolonging our well being, we should try to elevate whatever it is we are receiving to a more meaningful and worthwhile existence by using its gift to develop and/or maintain an existence that will positively benefit the other life forms sharing our world and universe.


#7    Don’t commit adultery

       Don’t be led astray from fulfilling your highest level of existence. 

Honor your good faith commitments and understandings, and to the best of your abilities, be true to yourself. 

Try not to be seduced and led off course by the pleasurable and exciting if it takes you off your path and away from reaching your highest value, your ultimate life purpose 

Adultery is a form of toxic contamination for soulmates. It pollutes the whole- someness of a relationship, making it more difficult to achieve advanced levels of meaningful connection.

Lusting, whether sexual or otherwise, whether in your thoughts or through physical acts, leads away from wholeness and completion. You cannot be driven to desire and/or possess something and truly be at peace. 

For a person seeking enlightenment, to be spiritually balanced, they must attain a state of love, gratitude and appreciation for their current existence.


#8    Don’t steal

When we overuse and abuse the gifts of life, other segments of the life suffer. 

Don’t “steal” the dignity of other life forms to live and be healthy, by placing your own emotional or psychological cravings, greed, lust and desires before the essential needs of those who need sustenance to survive. 

Spiritual integrity would seem to stipulate that other life forms have their basic needs taken care of before the whims of others are met.  

Enjoy and appreciate life but be thoughtful and caring. Stealing is taking something that doesn’t belong to us. 

Determining our true needs is essential to developing a perspective of abusing privileges that aren’t rightfully ours. Just because we can get something or someone doesn’t justify our right to pursue such a course. 

Rather than denying someone else an opportunity or necessity to improve the quality of their life, we should be aware just how it will benefit our own existence before deciding whether we should try to obtain it.


#9    Don’t lie 

Don’t lie through the words of our mouths or to our self. 

Be truthful to your “self” and others if you desire to acquire a higher, more enlightened state of being, one that pursues “truth.”

As we find illusory reflections of truth, we will also discover that it’s definition and reality occasionally change. As long as our modified understanding incorporates those values that we still believe to be true, and don’t lead us away from our goal of attaining the most fulfilling, stage of development capable for a species with our understandings, and we can see where it might benefit our own growth and understanding without needlessly harming others, it is something we should consider pursuing.

Whenever and wherever we find truth, always hold it close to our heart and in our mind. That is the only way to determine if it actually is a higher, more evolved, and fair-minded understanding.


#10    Don’t desire what belongs to others

Don’t put our selfish desires above the needs of others. 

Learn to be happy and thankful for all the gifts we have been given. Don’t feel always driven to obtain more. 

There really isn’t an end to this behavior. There will always be more. Out of control, this type of behavior is very destructive.

Don’t ever think that a person’s wealth, based on things like where they live, the type of transportation they use, or the gadgets they own,has any real value to their soul. 

Wealth, in and of itself, can be a gift, and when used properly to improve the quality of life, is a great way to demonstrate wisdom and appreciation for the preciousness of life. 

Always try to make a place, or a time, space, dimension of life, better than it was before, by our having been there. This is the way to determine our true life value and worth.

When we look at the current worldly game of life being played, we see a web of conflicting societies and cultures, which we ironically refer to as “civilization.” 

The majority of these competitions continue to strangle our souls and abuse our physical beings.

Before we suffocate, by detaching our selves from ever being able to breathe the breath of freedom, or clean air, again, we have to accept that changes are necessary. 

These dangerously violent anti-life games are deadly, sadistic and destructive. Instead, we need to embrace the real life advantages of joining together to create a healthier planet and destiny for us all.

When viewed from a life perspective, we recognize that these ten teachings are as relevant to us now as they were to the people who lived thousands of years ago.

The Ten Commandments are life teachings intended to support us in advancing our life growth process. They encourage us to look at our lives individually, and as a part of a family, community, neighborhood,  world, universe and beyond. 

 They are designed to help us determine what our major objectives should be in order to make this world the place we all want it to be, a healthy life growth garden world where we can celebrate our precious life gifts.


Final Thoughts … for now!

There is always so much for us to learn, and we might be surprised how things in which we didn’t place much stock or value, when approached from a somewhat different perspective, might help provide meaning to our lives and sustenance for our growth.

Once we have advanced in our levels of understandings, it is worthwhile to give certain things another look. It is similar to parents being better able to understand and appreciate their own parents once they have raised children of their own. 

When we learn how to relate to something on a deeper, personal level, the implications that the experience offers can hold so much more meaning for us.

And who knows? 

Maybe words that were carved on stone thousands of years ago might still hold some wisdom for us today.


The Big Ten

Teachings in a League of Their Own

The LifeForce is the Source of all, 

don’t recognize illusory others.

Give honor to the Universal’s fame,

don’t desecrate life in vain.

Revere the Sabbath,

as time that’s wholly.

Honor your ancestry,

if you want to be worthy.

Don’t murder, or stray,

and you’d better not steal.

When it comes to right and wrong

speak truth that’s real.

Don’t be jealous in wanting

what belongs to your neighbor,

if your desire’s for truth,

reside in Life’s favor. 


For younger students

Hey! Hey! Hey! 

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Hey, God is Lord alone,

Don’t you have any others.

Give honor to God’s fame,

Don’t take God’s name in vain.

Remember the Sabbath,

To make it Holy

Honor your parents,

If you want to be worthy.

Don’t murder, or stray,

And you’d better not steal.

When it comes to right and wrong,

Speak truth that’s real.

Don’t be jealous in wanting,

What belongs to your neighbor,

If you want to do right,

If you want to know God’s favor.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Hey! Hey! Hey!