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Experience the creative, happening life Force engaging and interacting with us all.

Light of the Nations uses music, art and uniquely creative expression to share the universally “wholistic” values of Judaism  in modernly relevant ways.

This is a place to come whenever you need a reminder of how Judaism enhances the quality of your life, and our world, and to interact with like-minded Jews and other people interested in living their lives in ways that will positively benefit us all.

We offer online art/music videos and contemporary programing for all ages.  We provide unique educational opportunities and programs for students and others to learn more about Judaism in an engaging, exciting way.

Need a place to Experience Artistically Creative, Contemporary Judaism? 

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You can spend lifetimes studying and learning about all the seemingly endless commentaries on Judaism, but what we do is use art, music and creative expression to promote the modern day benefits Judaism has to offer for improving the health and quality of people’s lives and our world. 

This web site does not discriminate: We are for all peoples; Jews, non- Jews and life. 

We are here for everyone interested in learning more about Judaism and how it can assist us in our life growth process while enhancing our search for meaning and purpose to our existence.  

This wholistic approach will increase peoples appreciation and enjoyment of life and will benefit all peoples and our world.

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Light of the Nations

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Our Spiritual Approach


Upfront we would like to say that while we are universally, love/life oriented, we treasure the Jewish understandings and traditions that have guided us to develop our universal life connection. And still today, these same Jewish traditions and practices play a significant role in positively influencing our life choices. 

Adopting a “Wholistic” approach to Judaism was a vital aspect of attaining our current level of understanding and we encourage everyone to adapt their own religious, spiritual beliefs, and/or life philosophy, so that they will also be choosing for a loving universal approach that will provide the best possible future for us all. Everyone’s preferred religion and/or life philosophy should guide them to a healthy, loving place for life to grow. Any life path we follow should lead to enlightenment/increased life awareness … to an embracing of our connection with each other, our world and beyond, and reverence for our precious gift of life.


The Jewish “Wholistic” Philosophy

We are universally love/life oriented individuals who recognize the validity of the Jewish path as a way to advance our life growth process. By assisting us in achieving a more consciously aware and mindful version of our “self,” this approach benefits us, our loved ones, our people, all peoples, and our world. 

“Wholistic” Judaism is Sustainable Judaism.


Things to Like about Judaism

  1. Judaism is accepting of others - Judaism values diversity. It doesn’t require others to be Jewish. The prophet Isaiah inspires us to create a “House of Prayer for all Peoples!”

  2. Even the greatest of the Jewish leaders were fallible humans who made mistakes.  This lets us know that we don’t need to be perfect, and that we are not always going to make the best choices. But even so, Judaism can help us to grow into our better selves.

  3. Jewish Foundation – Judaism provides guidance and valuable life lessons, encouraging us to increase our understandings of our lives as a vital part of the whole of existence. It provides all people a foundation and path for growing together towards realizing a better future, offering universally love/life oriented individuals a way to advance in their life growth process.

  4. Justice - Judaism established a justice system based on truth and doing what is best for all life. In other cultures of the time, power determined who would wield authority. In Judaism, even the king was responsible to the people. Orphans, the poor and widows had rights in the Jewish community that they did not have elsewhere.

  5. Women’s Rights - Women held positions of esteem in Judaism before they had basic rights anywhere else. Jewish women have been Prophetesses, Judges, Prime Ministers, leaders, and heroines throughout Jewish history. 

  6. Environment - Judaism was, and is, in the forefront of teaching concern for the well-being of people, animals, the environment (the earth, land, water, trees, etc.) and other life forms.

  7. Education – In other biblical cultures only the wealthy were given an education. Judaism promotes educational systems where all people are given an opportunity to learn.

  8. Shabbat – We all need time for our physical bodies to rest and recharge, and to strengthen our life connection. Judaism provides us one day a week to take the time necessary to focus on the well-being of our life essence. Shabbat reminds us that we should not be slaves to others or to the busy-ness our lives.  

  9. Jewish Festivals - When one day (Shabbat) isn’t enough, these times are set aside to encourage us to appreciate the finer aspects of our lives. The festivals assist us in advancing in our growth. 

  10. Freedom and Liberty – Throughout history, accounts of the Jewish journey emphasize the value and importance of people being free.

  11. Health Care - Judaism promotes health care for all people (not just the rich and powerful) and respect for the elderly.

  12. Revelation – Basically every other religion starts with one person saying God personally spoke or interacted with them. This is a very difficult thing to prove. In Judaism, millions of people became aware of the Divine Presence at the same time while at Mt. Sinai. At the very least, it appears that the overwhelming majority of this large group of people adapted their lives and accepted an entirely new Jewish life style as a result of this experience. 

  13. The Shema prayer - This creed prayer of Judaism teaches us the necessity of including “love” in our connection with all the many aspects of the “One Source” of all life.

  14. God – Through good times and challenging times, the Divine Presence has revealed a personal connection and involvement with the fate and destiny of the Jewish people and all life. 

  15. Judaism encourages us to be a “light of the nations,” to live our lives as a reflection of light and love to all peoples. This entails our sharing the lights of truth, justice, love and understanding to dispel the darkness of ignorance, violence and hate.

  16. Judaism instructs us to do tikkun olam, to actively contribute in a positive way to the wholeness, healing and repair of our world and people’s lives. 

  17. Judaism teaches us to be B’tzelem Elohim. By acknowledging that we are created in the image of God, we are linked as partners with the Creator and LifeGiver in caring for the well-being and health of our garden world and its many life forms.

  18. Pursuing “Shalom” - The Jewish goal of peace and wholeness is for everyone. “Seek peace, and pursue it'‑‑seek it in your own place, and pursue it even to another place as well." (Leviticus Rabah 9:9)

  19. Judaism teaches universal concern, respect for our own life and for all peoples and life forms. The essence of keeping Kosher is based on concern for the health and well-being of both animals and people. 

  20. Jewish Lifestyle Events make designated times special by reminding us to appreciate our precious gifts of life, and by providing steps to assist us in our growth. They also remind us of the value of family and friends, and the importance of celebrating our lives.

  21. Torah (Bible) is a unique document accepted by Christians, Muslims and Jews. It establishes a personal connection with the creative Force influencing all life.

  22.  Tzedakah/Mitzvot - Most people use the word “charity” to define tzedakah, but it actually translates as, and refers to, “justice.” Just by being part of our world, all life is uniquely special and worthy of respect. Through tzedakah and mitzvot (good deeds), we demonstrate our desire to contribute positively to a better future for us all. 

  23. There is major misrepresentation relating to Jews and slavery. Slaves in biblical times were like workers who had rights, and were to be protected. They had the choice of leaving their owners, and Jews were forbidden from returning runaways to someone who had mistreated them.

  24. Judaism encourages us to grow in the understanding of having our own amazingly skilled personal entity. It also instructs us to celebrate and enjoy our remarkable gifts of life while striving to do so in ways that are beneficial, and the least harmful to other people and life forms on our planet.

  25. Judaism teaches that all life is precious. Every person has been given the miraculous gift of life and the opportunity to share in this wonderful, life growth oriented world. The Jewish vision is one of peace and harmony for all life – “the wolf will live with the lamb” (the strong and gentle together) and “nation will not lift up sword against nation, neither will they learn war anymore.”

  26. Israel and the Jewish people are major players in bettering everyone’s quality of life by continuously making positive contributions to the world in so many essential fields, including science, medicine, technology, environment, etc. Jews have been a major force in the development of computers, cell phones, voice mail and camera phones, as well as many computer operating systems and Google. Their technology has contributed positively to innovations in aerospace, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and energy.

  27. Although few in number, less than ¼ - ½ of 1 % of the world’s inhabitants, Jewish people have won an extremely large and disproportionate amount of Nobel Prizes based on their miniscule percentage of the world’s population. This demonstrates the involvement of the Jewish people in working towards bettering people’s lives and our world.

  28. A “Wholistic” approach to Judaism recognizes the value of choosing to follow a life path that meets our universal and physical needs, one that assists us in achieving a more consciously aware and mindful version of our “self.” This approach benefits us, our loved ones, our people, all peoples, and our world.

  29. Judaism encourages us to nurture each other in our attempts to become the most advanced life forms we can be so that all may soon share in a time of “shalom” (wholeness/peace). Then we can better enjoy our lives and share our gifts in peace.

  30. Judaism teaches that there is a Knowledgeable, Powerful Entity that cares about and gives purpose to our lives. This Entity lets us know that we should appreciate and enjoy our special gift of life while taking care of the rest of this amazing world. 

  31. Judaism teaches us to accept some degree of responsibility for wherever, whenever and however we end up in the places that we do. If we want to be part of a loving, caring environment, where we can feel relaxed and enjoy in celebrating our lives, we should find people and other life forms with similar understandings.  This is the most rational and healthiest way for us to grow. 

  32. Judaism teaches that the God-Entity is the ultimate “Awesome” when it comes to the talents of being a: Gardener, Artist, Designer, Architect, Scientist, Engineer, Doctor, Landscaper, Naturalist, Biologist, Parent, Teacher, Musician, Poet, Builder, Spiritual Guide, Educator, (you name it), and …Creator…and Sustainer of all that is.

  33. Judaism teaches that “Something” far beyond anything we can comprehend is manipulating what is going on in the larger scale for us all, and has taken a peculiar interest in the Jewish people. God gives us the opportunity to join together as partners to help create and maintain a healthy love, life growth environment for us all.

  34. As individuals develop an understanding of the magnitude of complex designs involved in the life growth process, and the mechanics of their operating as an elaborate system of more than remarkable coincidences, the God-Force takes on the characteristics of an Intelligent Entity, influencing our lives and everything else we know of throughout existence.