Torah Slam for Us All!           

The challenge of all “chosen” ones,

Jewish, and otherwise,

sharing real world understandings,

to materially, motivated minds;

everyone’s covert hiding place,

the trappings of selfish designs,

and the only effective escape

is to adjust our frame of mind…


Visualizing the better future,

all want, and need to find.

Obliges us, living within,

life’s natural rhyme.

Together…in world time.


Time for our prayers to be our actions,

to join together with other factions,

to open a portal of reason,

the circle of hope for better life seasons,                          

for our world, our children, and us all.

Life…for us all.


Exploring our sacred, mystical path,

finding mysterious clues hidden in our past.

Overcoming imaginary, vision distorting walls,

following our destiny, answering life’s call;

to find:

We are the sound,

calling and being called,

energies vibrating in harmony, within the universal all.

Are we connected?

How often do we hear?

And when it’s our time,

what do we tell,

those who want to hear,

when people want our version of… life’s truth?    


Do we base our wisdom on learning and thought,

or pass along convenient,

cheap discount store bought?

Bought into again?

A system of questionable ends!


when everything depends

…on our choices.

And what we choose to do!

What will we choose to do?


This biblically, futuristic, expedition of a life-time,

finds us facing challenges in this space-time.

What are we doing in the meantime… with our lives?


Will the real essence

of our message be heard?

And how long will it take

before people return…

to sanity?

To choosing a healthier, life growth path for us all?


Moses had Joshua

pass on the call,

to sound the shofar,

so the message wouldn’t stall.

To thwart society from such a cataclysmic squall

It’s time once more,

to answer the call.

But who will awaken to this day?

To find just the right way to convey,

that which will keep life from going astray,

and spread the pollution of darkness, on us all.


Re - living the exceptional odyssey

of ancient biblical people,

no dues members of our world home,

whether temple, mosque or steeple,

or none of the above.


No distinction of religion or soul,

when peace and harmony are our goal,

all choosing with the devotion of Ruth

for wholeness in life’s universal truths.


Water from a rock,

matter from nothingness,

things that are difficult to believe;

much like Earth,

floating through space,

so far the only planetary garden place;

one single home base

…for us to live and grow.


Justice, justice for all

is the only way to play,

something we especially need

to remember today.


When the powers that be quit providing validity and truth,

and fail to provide a future for our youth,

it’s time for a change.

Time to upgrade to a newer version,

one that works for us all.


Investing ourselves in our world inheritance,

means time for us getting down off the fence;

coming to Earth with freewill choice,

joining together with unified voice,

to create a life growth path

for us all.


To perceive this mysterious echo of Being,

reverberating forever through time,

to empathize with groups of ancient humans,

and how they felt touched by the Divine.

To realize the message they struggled to transmit,

to value their part in this world life skit,

we have to understand the benefits

… to us all.


We need to expand

our vision to see,

what all this stuff means

to you and me,

to discover our place

within it all,

and then more about

what the all

… actually is.


The Force of life Genesis

…sounding the call.

The Power and Intelligence influencing us all.