Rosh Hashanah, Stephen Hawkings, Bumblebees and the Divine Gardener

L’Shana Tovah!

Not too long ago, seemingly knowledgeable individuals proclaimed that aerodynamically, the bumblebee, because of its large body and small wings, should not be able to fly. Yet, because no one had told this to the bumblebee, it continued to do what it does, buzzing around all over the place.

Many people viewed this as a life-miracle.

However, as science developed its understanding of aerospace engineering, we came to realize that it wasn’t the bumblebees, but the scientists and their own comprehension of the factors related to flight, that needed to change.

The scientists were the ones who needed to grow in their understanding in order to correct this misperceived conception.

This wasn’t “the” miracle some people thought that it was, just the shedding of an exterior layer that enabled us to get closer to the real “miracle” of the bumblebees.

Rosh Hashanah and Stephen Hawking’s recent statements concerning God

Stephen Hawking, a world renowned physicist and self proclaimed atheist, stated recently that God was not needed to create the universe.

This is contrary to my own views, and I am not alone, as evidenced by a recent article entitled, “Israeli scientists blast off at British physicist's views about the ‘Big Bang.’”

Among others, the article goes on to quote “University physics Prof. Jacob Bekenstein, a leading theoretical physicist, who termed Hawking’s statement as ‘a bit simplified,’ and then went on to say: He (Hawking) has reached a grandiose conclusion that even many non-believer scientists would agree is too much.”

Bekenstein added that “many more people around the world would agree with his (Hawking’s) call for colonization of the Moon or an extraterrestrial planet than with his statement that God need not have been involved in the creation of the universe.”

“We are ALL Among the Biggest Lottery Winners Ever”

There are so many improbable features relating to our world’s existence that all had to come together just right for life on our planet to exist in the way it does. Only when we can truly understand just how unlikely any, much less all, of these things occurring as they do, will we be able to grasp the fundamental nature of just how remarkable it is that we are even here.

We are all among the biggest lottery winners ever! And we are not just a part of winning one major lottery, but we have each won many lotteries.

First, against odds far greater than all the biggest super/mega/powerball lotteries combined, Earth became the big winner when it was chosen as the only garden/world we know of so far from among the infinite number of celestial bodies we can currently observe throughout our universe. In this case, Earth is “the chosen one.”

We all personally won another humongous, big time lottery, when out of all the substances that make up the visible and invisible energies of all existence that we know about, we ended up as one of the of the life forms on this one of a kind planet.

Yet again we beat unbelievable odds when out of the millions of varieties of life forms on Earth we are fortunate enough to be part of the human species, with awareness, mobility and capabilities that none of the other life forms that we are currently aware of seem to possess.

Just as it would be totally unrealistic for any of us to expect to win numerous worldwide (universal) lotteries without some type of outside influence, so we should recognize that this is the same situation we face relating to our lives. Once we are able to adjust our perception, we will be able to distinguish the existence of an intelligent life/energy Force manipulating the continuously unfolding process of creation.

“Who’s in Charge Here?”

Do we really think we are totally in control of the 100 billion neurons transmitting communications from our brains to all other parts of our bodies?

Are we the ones regularly influencing the workings of our hearts, lungs and all our other organs and bodily systems whose functioning is necessary to our existence?

If we were given responsibility for just one of the extreme number of life requirements essential to our being, for instance, breathing, I wonder if we would be capable of continuously remembering to take a breath every few seconds, and how often our gasping for air would be a reminder for us to breathe.

Not only is it the ultimate “awesome” that all these things happen in the ways they do to enable us to exist, but also that they are created in so many fantastically wonderful varieties and ways, and on top of all this, that we are provided the perception, senses and abilities to enjoy them in very special ways.

The Divine Gardener

We are way beyond the “just plain lucky” stage in living on a planet that provides for us with water and air recycling systems, that tilts on its axis as it circles the sun to provide us with the seasons, that provides us with an atmosphere that protects life on our planet, and an eco-system that provides for our needs through an abundance of plants and other life forms. There is something amazingly remarkable happening around, and within us, all the time.

Even as gardeners tend to and love their gardens, the LifeForce responsible for our being here provides for us in so many amazing ways and cares about creating a healthy life growth environment for us to grow and bloom.

When viewed from the most intricately involved levels and dimensions of our lives, there doesn’t seem to be any question at all relating to this subject. There is definitely a knowledgeable, extremely powerful Entity influencing the existence of our world, our universe, and our lives!

Jews take it a step farther. We recognize both the value of being part of a unique heritage that recognizes the existence of the God/Entity, as well as our potential to team up with this LifeForce to positively contribute to vital efforts that benefit our world and the life.

Rosh Hashanah celebrates the creation of the world... and its Creator.

May you and yours be blessed with all the best on the new Year and always.

L’Shanah Tovah!