Going Out On A Limb… to Stop Violence and Hate!

Branching Out! Getting to the Roots of a Dying Cause

It is important to reach out and embrace our extended life family.


The towering Sequoia Redwood trees are considered the most enormous of all living forms. The largest known of these trees is approximately 275 feet tall, and has a base diameter of over 36 feet. Many of these remarkable trees have lived for thousands of years.


The endurance of these gigantic trees is all the more remarkable because they have very shallow roots. This fact, combined with their incredible height, would seem to make these trees likely candidates for toppling over. However, the primary factor that allows them to survive and thrive against all likelihood is their connection with the other trees. By linking their roots with one another, they find the increased strength necessary for them to live. It is their unity in joining together that enables their continued existence.


Like these trees, this is a critical lesson that we must all learn soon if we really want to do everything that we can to stop the devastation being inflicted on our planet and all its life forms.


Boundaries of our Exist-stance!  

Where Do We Stand?


Part of advancing in the life growth aspects of our personal entity comes in being able to recognize the life value in others, both people and things. We need to be able to see beyond the overwhelming hype and propaganda that is employed to flood our brain with direct and subliminal desires for acquiring highly touted products and individuals. To know and appreciate something’s true worth, we have to view it from the perspective of how it positively benefits the betterment of our world and lives when scrutinized on a life scale.


“Saving the World - Are You In Or Are You Out?”


Once we have learned to recognize and appreciate the true life value of people and things, we can proceed with taking steps that will enable us to grow into an improved version of our personal being. One of the chief factors in determining how we have progressed will be reflected in the choices we make. Some of these challenges, particularly when it comes to parts of society that have been heavily embedded into our lifestyle, might cause us some discomfort and difficulty. If we genuinely desire to be better, caring people who are trying to make a meaningful difference, we must find a way to reconcile the truth of our existence with the ill-advised emphasis placed on many aspects of our culture and civilization.


Moving Beyond Imaginary Barriers – Getting Rid of the Nonsensical Roadblocks


Judging what is good or bad for someone else can be a tricky undertaking. It makes more sense to attempt to understand the benefits of people’s actions to their lives. Are they actively participating in living their lives in ways that will promote a healthy, quality environment among other people and life forms? Is their lifestyle based on the most advanced and in-depth understandings of their philosophical, scientific and rational self?


It is hard enough to figure out life’s riddle for deciding on the best way to live our own lives. Unless it is destructive behavior, we shouldn’t be deciding what is acceptable for other people. 


Part of advancing in our goals requires finding common ground that will allow us to live peaceably together. This is particularly relevant when it comes to religion and science. We must agree to a workable solution that allows everyone to choose the path they find most helpful in advancing the growth of their own particular being, as long as they are not doing so in a way that is harmful to others.


Inner Workings

Don’t ever believe you are a no-body. We are all cell-ebrities.


The way most energy in our universe appears to function is as part of a cellular recycling process. Awareness of this aspect of existence makes it logical to anticipate that there might come a time in the future when we have the opportunity to return to this world scene.  Besides those of our children, our choices now could affect our own future lives. We can choose to work towards creating the type of world we would like to come back to visit, or possibly regret those decisions that we make now when they come back to bite us on the butt upon our return.


Charting Our Galactic Course

An Epic, Out of this World Production, Starring a Cast of Billions


We need to welcome all comers to a universal platform. Here all people are given the opportunity to grow in whatever way they find works best for them in achieving an enhanced and advanced level of their being. Besides this type of approach implying “non- violent” and “non-destructive” methods, another vital aspect of this process entails all participants contributing to, and beneficially existing as part of, a worldwide community and a healthy, life growth environment. Seems fair to everyone involved.


Visionary or Vision-nary to be?


I am just one of the nearly seven billion people on this planet, yet I feel that I am speaking for the majority of them all when I say that we are ready to make the necessary changes for ending the violence, devastation, pollution and waste, for taking steps to improve the quality of people’s lives, and for averting the world catastrophes that could ruin all our lives. 


It is time for the people of the world to reassess the severity of our predicament on a planetary scale. All nations need to be involved in facing up to the truth of our dire circumstance. Together we must directly address the issues that are most important to us as one species of life on our earthly globe. Collectively we must design, coordinate and implement a plan to alleviate our worldly distress and arrive at a better future for our children, families and us.